Explore the Lecture Building and Nightmare Frontier to find the Augur of Ebrietas, Fading Lake rune and the entrance to the Bloodborne Nightmare of Mensis!

The Nightmare Frontier region in Bloodborne is one of the more challenging areas in the game, especially considering it"s towards the end of the game. In this Bloodborne Nightmare Frontier guide, we"ll be giving a complete walkthrough of the entire area, including how to find your way to the optional Amydala boss.

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Bloodborne Nightmare Frontier Walkthrough

Activate the Nightmare Frontier lamp and then make your way through the opening ahead. Move to the edge of the cliff and look left to see an Imp trying to scurry away. Kill it and then continue up the hill to the left. Near the top of the hill (before you reach the enemy) is a corpse that can be seen to the left. Search it to find a Madman"s Knowledge.

Sneak up on the Werebeast ahead for a Charge Attack and critical strike. Move to the right and drop down to the corpse below to find two Lead Elixirs. Continue down the path, sneaking up on Werebeasts whenever you can. There are two more Werebeasts in the immediate area. One is patrolling and the other is stationary and easy to sneak up on.


When you reach the green lantern, continue forward and up the hill to the left. Be wary of two Hunters that attack in this vicinity. If they both attack at once, run back in order to separate them to make the fight easier. Take the uphill path to find a corpse at the end holding a Fading Lake rune (fire damage reduced by five percent), then head back down to the lower area.

Look for the woman to the left ringing the bell. When you see her, circle around to the area just below here to find another Undead Beast. Kill it, then search the nearby corpse to find two Blood Vials. You can head right here, but before you do, go back to the upper level and kill the Octosquids straight ahead. These enemies aren"t particularly deadly so long as you avoid their spit. Wait for them to spit, then move in for the kill. The larger ones will stand up and spray a poison cloud that lingers for a bit, so be mindful of that.


The water here is also poisonous, so try to stay out of it and use Pebbles and Molotov Cocktails to lure the Octosquids away. To the right of the poison water is a cave that leads up to the Bell Caller. Kill her, then head back down to where the Werebeast was located and follow the path to the right.

When you get through the cave, weave through the area to the left dodging boulders thrown by the Fur Giants as you slowly take each one down. There"s also another Werebeast in this area, but the Fur Giants take priority because they constantly through boulders at you.

When you get to the stone bridge ahead (it will be on your left), head right instead to find a Daddy Imp. These are very similar to Imps in that they run from you, but they"re larger and drop slightly better items. Quickly kill the Daddy Imp, then before you head across the bridge, look to the right of the bridge to see a stone ramp that extends over the lower area.


Step out to the edge of the ramp and it drops down, giving you access to the area below and creating a shortcut back to the Nightmare Frontier lamp. Head back to the bridge and cross to the other side and into the cave beyond.

Kill the Fur Giant ahead, then turn around to see a path to the left. Go down the path to find a corpse holding Clockwise Metamorphosis rune (boost maximum HP by 10 percent). Head back to where the Fur Giant was standing and continue down the path to the right to find a corpse holding a Stunning Deep Sea rune (adds a rapid poison +200 effect to your weapon).

Continue into the next cave to find an Octosquid. There are several Octosquids ahead. Take them out, then search the nearby corpse to find a Frenzied Coldblood (9). Head down the path to the lower area and make quick work of the Octosquids below but be careful of the two Fur Giants throwing boulders.


If you"re having trouble, continuously dodge to get across the water where the green light is. There"s a Fur Giant here as well. Kill the Fur Giant and continue through the next cave. Follow the path to the right to find a Brain Trust enemy ahead. These walking brains cause frenzy just by looking at you, so you want to avoid contact with them as much as possible.

Stay hidden around the corner and move the camera so you can see the Brain Trust. Wait for it to get close, stop and turn around to continue its patrol. As soon as it turns to walk back down the hill, follow it to score a Charge Attack from behind and kill it with a visceral attack (critical strike).

At the end of the path loop around to the left and quickly move up the path here to find a Daddy Imp. Kill it and continue up the path to find a corpse at the end. Search the corpse to obtain Frenzied Coldblood (8).

Turn around and head to the opposite end of the path to find another corpse holding a Madman"s Knowledge. Continue down the path to the left to find two Imps in the lower area. Follow the path to the left (around the poison water) to find another corpse holding a Madman"s Knowledge. The path ahead leads to a boss battle against Amygdala.

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