Daily Challenges

Play more, earn much more - we’re pleased to announce the brand-new Daily difficulty system for digitalrecordersreview.org! Attaining royalty is no much longer the just goal you’ll be trying to achieve by play matches. Each day, you’ll be faced with 3 optional Challenges. These difficulties will knife you a certain amount that Skulls that you can then require to the newly-updated Skull save (more on the below).

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The three obstacles will vary in difficulty, v the harder challenges paying out much more Skulls. No a fan of one of the difficulties present to you? You’ll have actually the capacity to discard one challenge per day and also get a replacement one.


Don’t think girlfriend can accomplish a difficulty in a single match or beat session? Don’t worry - difficulties will just reset after ~ you’ve completed them. As soon as you have actually completed a details Challenge, you’ll it is in presented with a new one when they reset in ~ midnight GMT.

Skull keep Update

With the enhancement of the brand-new Daily an obstacle system, you’re walking to need a place to invest all her hard-earned Skulls. The Skull save will be her one protect against shop because that items that have the right to only be discovered within that digital walls. The Skull keep is not a new addition to the game, but we space making serious enhancements to it. You’re tho going to have the option to acquire all the original Skull store items, however we’ve readjusted your prices to much better utilize the brand-new Daily difficulty feature.

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ItemSkull Price
White fit Jacket3500
Green Plaid suit Jacket3500
Green Striped suit Jacket3500
White Slacks1000
Beige Plaid Slacks1000
Green strip Slacks1000
King the the death Offroader10000
Shallow tomb Offroader10000
Yellow graphic Offroader20000
Patriotic Offroader45000
Molten Tactical Helmet45000
Toxic Cargo Pants3500
Rasta Offroader20000
Devil"s support Suit Jacket30000

Four brand brand-new items have actually been included to the Skull Store, and we’ll be adding a brand-new item every week for the next 6 weeks. These awesome new items will give you something rather to chase and assist prove among your friends who’s truly the best.