ns just gained the skeleton an essential and I"m wondering if I should return that or hold on to it.

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What are the benefits of maintaining it? Is over there a lucky bonus?

What will I gain if i return it?


As crow Dreamer note in the comments, the Skeleton vital is one unbreakable lockpick: that"s pretty much its just purpose (and a fine purpose that is!).

However, if you want to continue on through the quest chain, friend must return the vital to complete the quest. But be certain to take the end as countless locks as you have before you do!

But however, what you deserve to do is save the Skeleton key until you obtain Lockpicking to 100 and got the perk Unbreakable. This will enable lockpicks to no break once you"re attempting to pick the lock. After you get the perk, return the Skeleton crucial to Twilight Spechuler.

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unless I'm missing somthing, It seems there's practically no allude in advancing the thieves guild storyline beyond this point. You currently have the armor, the sword, the bow, and now an unbreakable lock pick. Friend don't get any amazing rewards for completing the questline, and not much, if anything, transforms within the thieves guild.
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There"s no penalty for keeping the key, except that girlfriend can"t continue the guild questline.

You don"t get kicked the end - rather, like most objectives in Skyrim, you have actually virtually countless time to finish a quest. Nobody reaction to the reality that you"re in possession that the key.

The things you finish up missing if you keep it permanently are the rewards for the search line. Perfect the guild quest line gives you one of the 3 powers the Nocturnal, and allows you to finish the requirements to become the guild master. Getting a power have the right to be useful, and also being the guild master method you get accessibility to the tribute chest and also the guild understand armor, if that"s crucial to you.

Both that these likewise have accomplishments tied come them, if you"re concerned around such things.

Keeping the Skeleton vital just provides you an unbreakable lockpick. You can obtain the same benefit from the "Unbreakable" perk in the Lockpicking skill tree in ~ 100 skill.

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You can constantly make a save before restoring the key to that rightful place, and also play through the end of the guild questline to see if the rewards space "worth it" come you or not.