The Legend of Acrius Exotic shotgun in Destiny 2 is a lovely Arc weapon, yet the top top the Comms questline in stimulate to obtain it is a bit of a humdinger. Luckily, we"re here to help.

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This is a very powerful weapon, and one v an interesting questline. In fact, you"ll actually unlock the gun reasonably fast if friend follow this instructions, however for the gun to with its full potential you"ll need to finish the Leviathan Raid at the very least twice and fulfill miscellaneous other requirements. It might be worth it, though, if you"re after ~ a brand-new shotgun (or you"re just a completionist).

Since you"ll must participate in the Raid in stimulate to carry the weapon approximately max potential, you can want to give our Destiny 2 Leviathan raid guide a rapid once over. It"s a in-depth walkthrough, and also provides some tips on how to defeat Calus. It"s all component of the continuous updates being made come our key Destiny 2 guide, which provides a complete explanation the everything.

Before you have the right to jump right into the Leviathan Raid, girlfriend will should pick increase a quest in stimulate to add the Legend that Acrius Exotic shotgun to your inventory. Climate there are more steps come take once you have actually completed the Leviathan raid if you great to open up up the weapon"s full potential. It"s never ever as simple has gift gifted through a quite weapon because that bringing under a boss, is it?

Before we gain into just how to gain it, here"s what you must know around the lovely arc shotgun which is one of 19 exotic tools in Destiny 2, together of right now.

This quest has been updated due to the fact that the video clip above was produced. See listed below for updated details.

The Legend that Acrius has actually an amazing perk i m sorry fires blasts of high-damage Arc energy that over-penetrate targets. This means that once you shoot an enemy, not only will castle take hefty damage, the fella was standing behind lock will additionally take tons of damage.

The barrel is optimized for distance, and also the shotgun"s trait extends the radar. This makes for a an excellent extended range choice, as many shotguns lean much more toward close-quarter combat than say, a rifle.

Now, about those requirements. Warning: prepare you yourself for fairly a bit of grubwork.

In stimulate to add the Legend of Acrius Exotic to your arsenal, you"ll very first need to reach level 20 and also pick up the On the Comms quest. On the Comms is a arbitrarily drop quest which appears in your strength Weapon slot, for this reason make sure your perform isn"t full if you desire to collection it. Over there doesn"t seem to be any guaranteed trigger for the search drop, however fighting Cabal in story missions and also Adventures is a great bet.

Once the search is picked up, friend will should head to Nessus and also recover interaction ciphers by beating Cabal. Consistently clearing the end the lost Sector in The Cistern is one an excellent way to gather the forced items quickly.

Complete this, and the search item will update v a brand-new objective. Before the start of the Leviathan Raid, this action was called Await the human being Eater. Now that Leviathan is easily available, it"s Destroyer the Worlds instead. To complete this action you need to finish the Leviathan Raid.

The third step in the questline is referred to as Imperial Invitation. Friend will must head come the Tower to speak through raid vendor Benedict 99-40 to rotate it in. The vendor will hand you the End the eight Dealer objective, i beg your pardon is a unique version of the arms Dealer Strike.


To get in the Strike, girlfriend will must load into the europe Dead ar (EDZ), drop you yourself at the Firebase Hades landing pad, and head towards the blue search marker in between this area and Legion"s Anchor top top the map.

Similar to the eight Dealer Nightfall Strike, shooting things will include 30 seconds or therefore to your timer. This time instead of killing opponents to prolong the mission clock, you will be shoot blue Anomaly orbs as part of the Temporal Anomaly modifier. The various other modifier is Prism, which is additionally a comprehensive in this week"s turning back Spire Nightfall Strike.

It"s precious noting this is a prestige Strike, which way the recommended power level is 300 and also you start out with just seven minute on the clock. Shooting as numerous orbs together you deserve to to prolong that time, folks.

Once you have beaten the boss, you have completed the Strike and also earned the Legend that Acrius Exotic shotgun. However wait, there"s more to do, since at this point, the weapon only has its Intrinsic perk.

Head earlier to the Tower and have another chat through Benedict 99-40. He will certainly then offer you an additional quest objective, Cabal Killer, and also to complete this you will should use Legend of Acrius to death 25 Cabal, death 15 Cabal in ~ close range, and also kill numerous Cabal without reloading Acrius ten times.

Since the weapon"s perk permits you to death two opponents at once, shoot one Cabal with another behind the or beside it will certainly count as killing two Cabal through out reloading. Due to the fact that the weapon just fires a single Arc shot, you"ll have to reload each time you use it. So, try to hit two Cabal at once in order to accomplish the reload requirement as part of the questline. You have the right to do it, Guardians. Us have faith in you.


After perfect Cabal Killer, and transforming the quest in come Benedict, girlfriend still aren"t finished. Mr. Robot will currently ask girlfriend to finish the His Highness"s Seal quest.

This one calls for ten Emperor Seals (these are different from Emperor Tokens) in order come complete. The seals can only be obtained by defeating bosses in the Leviathan Raid, and you"ll must make a couple of operation to control it.

That"s whereby the search peters out for now, unfortunately; the next step needs players to complete the Prestige difficulty of the Leviathan Raid, i beg your pardon launches ~ above October 18.

Sounds like a the majority of work. Hopefully, it"ll be precious it to you in the end.

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Destiny 2 is out now on PS4 and Xbox One, and PC players can get in ~ above the fun October 24.