Stormterror is the massive blue dragon that players meet beforehand in Genshin Impact, and also getting right into its Lair in act 3 is a challenging puzzle.

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Genshin Impact is an activity free-to-play JRPG v a substantial open world. But together with the vast open people comes some an overwhelming puzzles, also more complicated than Genshin Impact"s probable inspiration, Breath that the Wild. One puzzle the is a small confusing is exactly how to rest the seal on the Stormterror"s Lair, together it requires collecting nine pieces and also interacting v three significant areas.

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Updated might 22, 2021 by Mina Smith: As Genshin affect continues to grow, update, and change, the details in guides have to be update to save them pertinent to the new content. This article has been updated because that clarity, with additional photos to aid out new players who are simply finding the Stormterror"s Lair for the an initial time.

Stormterror"s Lair

The Stormterror"s Lair puzzle doesn"t occur until action 3 of Genshin Impact. Players have to be around level 19 or 20 to gain this puzzle and also the Lair completed there is no too much difficulty. The Lair is situated in the northern part of the map the Teyvat, to the west that the beginning city of Mondstadt (where football player can likewise find a souvenir shop). Over there is a dark spot there, reduced by water in a one pattern.

Three Stormterror Seals store Genshin impact players from entering the lair
In bespeak to obtain into the dragon"s lair in Genshin Impact, players very first have come break 3 seals. Each seal is damaged by collecting several constellation pieces called Guiding irradiate piecares. Over there is one seal come the east, one come the north, and one to the west. It appears that players must do these 3 seals in this particular order, yet that is not confirmed.

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Teyvat Stormterror Lair Pillar
The seal to the east has 2 Guiding Light piece on the top of coliseum-like damaged pillars, which needs players to manipulate their Genshin Impact glider wings the are comparable to the glider indigenous Breath the the Wild. That works relatively similarly; football player will have actually to discover upwards gusts of air to have the ability to fly onto the pillars. The 2 pieces are situated near the main pillar. Walk up the stairs eastern of the pillar, then look come the left. There will be two glowing piece on colosseum-style damages there. Fly to them using wind gusts and also pick both up.

regardless of which pair Genshin Impact players choose, they should be able to pick these piece the same way. Go back to the pillar and the piece will open up the an initial of the 3 seals.

Teyvat Stormterror Lair Pillar
players can rapid travel in Genshin Impact, and they deserve to make good use of it here. Between each seal, quick traveling earlier to the Lair will give them a great jumping off allude to glide to the next seal. Head to the north seal and also locate the teleport waypoint pillar. The pieces have to be fairly obvious due to the fact that of your glowing to the north; there will be three this time.

The western Seal is the last seal to gain into the dragon"s Lair. Players can once again rapid travel come the Lair, then fly to the west. Every of the 3 glowing pieces space located roughly the main pillar. Collection them every after beating the opponents with the ideal Genshin Impact characters and also then the Seal come the Lair will be broken.

Here"s a video clip to assist out if football player still need it:

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Genshin Impact is obtainable for Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5.

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