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Do girlfriend hear that?

Wedding bells!

Your Sim has actually met the love of their life, and also it’s time because that them to obtain hitched. Just like in actual life, yes sir a lot of planning the goes into a center wedding.

You have to uncover a venue, send out invitations, obtain the officially wear put together, and also then finally—the cake!

Well I’m here to assist make your task a bit much easier by tracking down some of the much better wedding cake CC the end there.

Just don’t forget to conserve me a piece!

1. Edible Wedding Cake


Check out This CC

CC creator MunMun has produced a gorgeous (and edible!) wedding cake that comes with multiple cake toppers.

There room two various versions that the cake itself, and then ten incredibly inclusive toppers that are going to really put your weddings over the top.

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2. Wedding Cake Conversion


Check the end This CC

Nathaliasims has brought us a beautiful décor-only cake here.

It’s actually been convert from The Sims 2, and it look at great.

This CC has actually two quite swatches, and also even if her Sims can not eat it, at least they deserve to take a lot of pictures with it.

It would additionally make a nice clutter item in a baker’s kitchen, or in a bakery. How great does that look?!

And that always an excellent to watch a throwback article from games of Sims’ past!

3. Lemon Blueberry Cake


Check out This CC

Oh, guys, this one is therefore good!

CC creator Littlbowbub is great at creating brand-new dishes for your Sims to enjoy in-game.

And with this lover cake, your small intimate weddings are going come be even better.

It’s a level four food preparation skill recipe, and also has the option to add your own lemons! This is one that’s literally making my mouth water. Yum!

It look at so an excellent that your Sims will want to save baking this one lengthy after the wedding is over.

4. Practical Cake Stand


Check the end This CC

Now we all know that occasionally you just have too large of a cake, and also there room going to be leftovers.

This remarkable cake stand by Menaceman44 would certainly make because that a good place to keep your Sim’s wedding cakes, as well as their other baked goods!

It’s in reality a mesh of things from the gain Together pack, and comes in eleven different swatches. You do require that pack for the to role as a useable item, so just a top up ~ above that.

5. Blackberry Lemon Wedding Cake


Check the end This CC

I think i’m going to must go out and also buy myself a cake prior to the end of this list.

Creator Leniad is doing great things for the CC neighborhood in regards to tradition recipes, and this blackberry lemon wedding cake does no disappoint!

The external of the cake is a beautiful pale pink shade with cherry flower trees, and the inside has actually multiple class of miscellaneous fruits and frosting.

It’s a gourmet cooking recipes that calls for a level nine skill, and can likewise be made utilizing your an extremely own harvestables native the garden.

6. ScandiFever Cake


Check the end This CC

Creator SIMcredible! has made an impressive décor cake with this CC, and it’d would look beloved on any dessert table.

It’s a smaller sized cake and is only for decoration. Yet it would certainly make a an excellent addition to her wedding reception.

With 3 variations of cakes and multiple colors in the cake stands, this one would certainly fit in with any kind of setting. It’s additionally a cake that would look good on your kitchen counters.

7. Official Tea Set


Check out This CC

Strange Storyteller has actually put the end a beautiful collection of décor CC for formal tea that’s going to bring that fairytale feel to her weddings!

There space nineteen various décor items in varying swatches, and also they every look magical.

This would be great for your receptions, as well as the newlyweds’ kitchen after the party!

Your Sims will feel as if lock the stars that their very own Disney movie v this décor set.

8. Corpse Bride influenced Cake


Check out This CC

Who no love a themed wedding?

CC creator Littlbowbud is in ~ it again through this remarkable Corpse Bride-themed cake set, and they’re going to have actually your spooky Sims jumping because that joy.

This one was part of the creator’s cookbook lock created. And also it’s also vampire friendly!

Note that your sims will require a level six food preparation skill to make this ghoulish treat. However it’s entirely worth the tough work.

It’s a spook-tacular four-tiered cake with little skulls and gorgeous colors that pop. So if she in require of inspiration for your Sim’s upcoming nuptials, look no further.

9. Pumpkin freckles Latte Cake


Check out This CC

This creator has actually too many great options, therefore we’re ago with an additional cake by Littlbowbud!

If you desire a themed wedding throughout the fall, yet you’re not into the spooky, then this pumpkin freckles latte cake is the perfect option.

It’s a huge one tiered cake v the cutest tiny pumpkins. And also I’m usually obsessed v it!

Your Sims will need a level four cooking skill here, however it’s worth the work.

This one would likewise be a great addition to that Harvest Fest dinner you planning, too.

10. Littlbowbub Wedding Cake


Check out This CC

I did that again. Littlbowbud just has so many great CC alternatives for wedding cakes!

This one is a beautiful tiered cake with flowers along one side the crawl up the cake because that a lover finish.

This would certainly be great for a spring or even summer wedding, and I guarantee that your Sim’s guests will be therefore happy they determined to attend her wedding—just for the cake alone!

As I said before, this one is component of this creator’s cookbook as well. For this reason you’ll have to download it for their tradition recipes come work.

This cake calls for a level eight cooking skill to bake, and also can additionally be ready with your very own ingredients.

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