Seen alot of human being having this issue and I guess I have to make a post around it too, bred a kubrow it"s totally grown but cant equip it.

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There room a most possibilities of exactly how your concern can look at like, so be a little more specific, maybe?


i uncover it is more recent players that happened to start the kubrow qst, got and also egg and also everything lock needed... However

they never finished the quest...

when informing them the they need to complete it in chat(at least on ps4) we acquire a many "well that"s stupid" and also they go storming off.



It is crucial to finish the Howl of The Kubrow quest and also retrieve the collar prior to you can equip a kubrow. The quest have the right to be unlocked by completing the Venus come Mercury junction.

Occasionally over there is a an insect after perfect the quest and the kubrow might still call for a collar but a simple relog will refresh and fix this. Ensure the Kubrow is matured and equip the in your arsenal under companions.

It"s also worth noting a kubrow is compelled for the quest to progress and a helminth charger or kavat will not suffice.

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