Before learning exactly how to draw stick figures: some fun facts before beginning sketching!

Stick numbers are an extremely popular in the world of icons and also clip arts.They space usually attracted by hand v a minimum that lines and also details.Step 1

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Yes... Ns know! This is a accuse on... Drawing stick figures! Easy? really easy! yet why? Why execute I dedicate a totality page of my website because that this? Simply due to the fact that you can make a an excellent comic strip through stick figures!

You simply need to know exactly how to draw them in an initial way. So original that it might even become a effective strip! i don"t have to tell you exactly how they room made. You already know.

Step 2

So, let"s see how you can draw one that is an ext original. First, draw a circle for the head and a rectangle for the body. Add some legs and also arms to her character.

Notice how I made the hands and the feet through a little oval shape. You deserve to now lay out the eyes, the mouth and also some lines to type the shirt. Currently you have actually it! A an easy stick figures with personality!



Step 3

Look at every those personalities below. Some space really basic (2) (5). Others have huge eyes (7) (11). One girl has even a small breast (9)! The lesson here is simple. 

You can draw stick figures with an ext attitude by including details like large eyes, clothes, hair or any other things that you might think of. Castle don"t must be like the illustration on height of this page. You know... Directly lines with a big circle because that the head and also dots for the eyes. 


Many artists are able to make a living simply by illustration comic strips including some pretty stick figures. Periodically you could even think the they were made by a 7 year old girl! Being initial is the key! currently that you know how to draw cool stick figures, try to create one... A never-seen-before one! friend can additionally proceed with characters that room slightly more complex below. Have fun!

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