C4 is an incredibly advantageous piece the lethal tools in speak to of Duty: Warzone, and also we'll display you exactly how to litter it farther and detonate the faster.

While play Call of Duty: Warzone, you"ll most likely come throughout a myriad of weapons and also equipment friend don"t normally use in the timeless multiplayer modes. That"s kind of the beauty beauty of Warzone. One piece of tools you need to absolutely learn exactly how to use isC4, which can be used to collection traps or just straight-up thrown in ~ an foe to take them the end quickly and also efficiently.

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In thisWarzone C4 guide, we"ll display you how to find C4, exactly how to litter it farther, and also how come detonate the faster.

Warzone C4 Guide: exactly how to litter C4 Farther, Detonate the Faster

How to acquire C4 in call of Duty: Warzone


Unlike classic Modern Warfare multiplayer, Infinity Ward doesn"t allow you spawn in with the loadout of your selection in Warzone, but that doesn"t mean you can"t acquire your hand on C4.

The easiest method to obtain C4 is to simply uncover it the end in the world. You"ll likely come across a stash that weapons and items in boxes, so make certain you start contracts come ensure recognize the finest loot.

C4 deserve to be found in common boxes, also as on its own in Verdansk. It"s recommended to prioritize visiting buildings and also other key hubs to shot and discover some. As soon as you do find it, you need to manually pick it up through "Square" ~ above PS4 or "X" on Xbox One.

Alternatively, you can equip your own loadouts native Loadout Drops the spawn. Just make certain you have C4 added to the class beforehand. Loadout Drops spawn randomly or have the right to be purchased from Buy Stations, though they"re pretty expensive.

How to throw C4 Farther


After you finally do get your hand on the C4, you"ll be all set to use it. It works a lot choose a grenade, in the it have the right to be thrown at an enemy, yet it just detonates if you pull the trigger.

There are many ways to use C4 effectively, but most players treat it choose a hands-on grenade thrown in ~ an enemy and detonated appropriate away. C4 does massive quantities of damage and, if provided properly, can be more effective than a grenade since you have the right to throw and detonate the immediately.

To throw C4 farther, jump in the air and also look up at a 45-degree angle. This will allow the C4 come arc and also cover an ext ground. Throwing it much isn"t always necessary, though.

In fact, occasionally you"ll have to throw that right beside you to take out an enemy. If friend do, make sure you acquire out that the way since C4 has a big damage radius.

One beneficial strategy is to place a C4 ~ above a loadout drop in a heavily populated area and also wait for the opponent to present up. It have the right to be tricky to traction off, however if done correctly, it"s pretty lot a guarantee kill. Traps like these work far better in the traditional multiplayer mode, yet can tho be executed in Warzone.

How to Detonate C4 Faster


Initially, you might want to litter the C4 and detonate it by pulling the trigger. This have the right to be done by throwing it with "R1" ~ above PS4 or "RB" ~ above Xbox One, complied with by "R2" or "RT."

However, there is a faster, much more effective way to secure the kill. If friend double-tap "Square" top top PS4 or "X" top top Xbox One after throw the C4, it will detonate instantly, i beg your pardon is much quicker than pulling the trigger.

If you"re going to use this method, make certain you wait until you"re the end of the blast radius, together you have the right to down yourself v your own C4 if you"re as well close.

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That"s whatever you must know about how to litter C4 in Warzone, from how to acquire it, exactly how to litter it farther, and also how come detonate the faster. For an ext on Warzone, consisting of Season 4 that the fight royale, check out the links above or visit ourmain Warzone hub here.