Pen tool provides magics! Seriously, you can convert things to something fully new, produce awesome graphics, and also so much more.

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I’ve been utilizing Adobe Illustrator because that nine years now, and also the pen device has constantly been yes, really helpful. And also I usage the pen tool to trace outlines, create logos, make snipping masks, and design or edit vector graphics.

I need to admit that as basic as that sounds, the takes time come be good at it. I began to practice the pen tool tracing outlines, and also I remember at first, it yes, really took me a long time to trace. The hardest component is to draw smooth lines.

Don’t obtain scared. Through time, i’ve learned the tricks, and in this article, okay share them with you! you will do it learn how to usage the pen tool together with some useful tips that’ll help you master graphic design.

Can’t wait! and also you?

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How to usage the Pen device in Adobe IllustratorWhat Else?

How to usage the Pen tool in Adobe Illustrator

Note: Screenshots space taken native the Illustrator CC Mac version. The windows or various other version might look contempt different.

The pen tool is all about anchor points. Any type of lines or shapes you create, you space connecting anchor points together. Girlfriend can produce straight lines, curve lines, and also you can add or delete anchor points to make any shapes friend like.

Select the Pen device from the toolbar (or use the keyboard shortcut P), and start creating!

My name is June, i’m a graphic designer and also a problem solver. I’m right here to help you solve your Illustrator problems. Read more about me and why I created this website here.

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