Need come learn how to clean a glass pipe through standard household items? watch no additional with this handy overview from Me Time box Products.

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Paperclip Poking MethodSolvent + Salt MethodBoil the Glass Pipe

A glass pipeline looks for this reason beautiful and pristine as soon as you very first get it. The swirls of color and smooth curves attract your attention choose a piece of meticulously and also passionately built art.

It does no take too lengthy for that exact same glass cigarette smoking pipe to turn black v resin, become a clogged glass pipe and for that resin to start creeping onto her fingers and also lips prefer some symbiote extraterrestrial from another planet.

For countless of us, a resinated key is just too lot to deal with. The action of cleaning a glass pipe simply seems overwhelming and also ends up gift the reason why we go off and also purchase one more smoking pipe of some sort.

In every reality, if you desire to know how to clean a glass pipe, it isn’t an extremely hard. I don’t know how plenty of pipes I have cleaned, however it"s second nature now. There room three key methods that I have used come clean a one hitter, clean my bong, cleaning a bubbler or clean a glass pipe.

My strategy for teaching you how to clean a one hitter is contempt different because of the dimension difference, but these basic methods still apply.

Let’s emphasis on clean a continuous glass pipe for now. 

The document Clip Poking Method


The an initial method ns will evaluation is the paperclip method. Because that this an approach you will need the following.

A record clipA document towelA lighterA dirty glass pipeYour handsYour Fav Netflix show

For me, finding an awesome display or movie on Netflix, Hulu or cable (if friend still have cable) is key.

Step 1: To acquire started, open minded a pair of inches native the paperclip and start with the tiny hole in the bowl.

Step 2: turn the bowl upside down and hold the lighter’s flame to it for a while until the resin softens. Once you start scraping with the paper clip, be careful, the glass deserve to be a little thinner in this section of the glass pipeline you are cleaning and can chip. After you have cleared the hole, scrape the leaf of the bowl and also you should have a black ball of resin developing that I will let you decision what to do with.

Step 3: The paper towel, or some an extremely disposable cloth, have to be offered to wipe the paperclip clean.

Step 4: Now move onto the mouthpiece. The glass roughly the hole of the mouthpiece can likewise be vulnerable to chipping therefore be mindful with the mighty item of metal you space using come clean your glass pipe.

<Pro Tip> the may additionally be precious it to usage a lighter on the outside portions the the key you space scraping. The heat will help soften the resin to make the scraping easier. Be careful not come burn yourself.

Step 5: Scrape out the stem of her glass pipe and you will certainly being pulling out big gobs the resin. Again, you can decide what to perform with that. Friend can additionally consider utilizing the carb hole top top the next of the key to extract several of the resin. The carbohydrate hole offers you accessibility to some of the inside crannies that the key that are otherwise hard to reach.

Step 6: You may need to tap the bowl gently against the record towel to get some the the resin to fall out.

Cleaning a glass pipe v a paperclip is really just a short-term deal with your dirty glass pipe.

Using a Solvent + Salt


The next level of cleaning is utilizing solvents such ass rubbing alcohol. I favor using isopropil rubbing alcohol come clean a glass pipe, because is the easiest and also most thorough.

Isopropyl alcohol is cheap to purchase, but you do have actually the included cost of purchase rubbing alcohol for cleaning her glass pipe.

Step 1: pour the rubbing alcohol into a clear container of part sort and also immerse her bowl in it.

Step 2: Mix in 1/4 cup that salt as well. The alcohol and salt bring will do the rest of the work.

Step 3: Leave and also come earlier in 3 hours. You may need to rinse the pipe through some clean fresh water ~ you traction the pipe out of the alcohol, yet it have to look as an excellent as brand-new afterwards.

Let the pipeline dry and take a pair of dry pulls to make sure it doesn"t taste favor alcohol. If the does, provide it an additional rinse. Voila! You room done.

Boil the Glass Pipe



You can also boil your bowl if the is far better than to buy alcohol.

Step 1: obtain a pot and fill it with water

Step 2: add your glass pipe

Step 3: Boil the glass pipe for 20 minutes

Step 4: permit cool and also wipe down v a dry cloth

The boiling method is not fairly as efficient as alcohol and you may still require your trusty paperclip to obtain the soft boiled resin the end of the pipe.

Also, your glass pipe will certainly rattle about in a pot of hard boiling water, which could cause it come break. You carry out not require a hard boil to get the pipeline clean. If the glass pipe crack a little and you are wondering if you need to be cigarette smoking out a cracked glass pipe, just toss it and get your complimentary glass smoking pipes on us.

And, remember the regulations of thermodynamics. If you run cold water over your glass bowl ideal after you pulled it off the burner, you room not most likely to have actually a glass pipe anymore, however instead a pile of not correct glass i beg your pardon you cannot smoke out of.

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Those are the techniques I have used come clean a glass pipe. If you have actually any better ideas on how to clean a glass pipe, we would certainly love come hear native you.

In the meantime, obtain some lava soap and also scrub her hands well. You may need part fingernail trimmers as well.

That means the next day you won’t be worrying the other people in your office are noticing the resin under your nails and also you can continue to enjoy life, every day.