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The Arctis 7P to add is accessible in white or black.

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SteelSeries’ brand-new Arctis 7 Plus and 7P to add wireless headsets have two an essential improvements over your predecessors: much better battery life, going up to 30 hours per fee from 24 hrs with three hrs of use from a 15-minute rapid charge, and USB-C charging. Many other major headset makers have actually used the connector for years now, however SteelSeries has been oddly slow-moving to adopt it, even though it has actually shipped that is clever USB-C audio transmitter with pick headsets due to the fact that 2019. Through previous SteelSeries wireless headsets, you always needed come make sure that an antiquated Micro USB cable was never ever too far away. However not anymore with these brand-new headsets.

SteelSeries additionally touts that both headsets space compatible through the Oculus search 2, adding another communication to the long list of gadgets they have the right to work on wirelessly. The list consists of the PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, macOS computers, home windows computers, any USB-C-equipped iPads, and Android. For computer systems or consoles doing not have a USB-C port, you deserve to use the consisted of USB-C-to-A cable. The headset is compatible over a wired connection to something that has a 3.5mm jack, despite you’ll must use the had cable the plugs into the headset’s proprietary port. The 3.5mm harbor on the headset is strictly for audio sharing, letting friend daisy chain one headset to another.

USB-C charging is a long-awaited addition. Image: SteelSeries While each headset is essentially the exact same overall style as before, SteelSeries is charging a $20 premium because that the enhancements here. The Arctis 7 Plus and also Arctis 7P Plus will certainly each price $169.99 when they beginning today, October 29th. And also just so friend know, every headset offers the same platform compatibility and mostly the same set of features. The an essential difference is that the dial along the appropriate edge that the 7P add to controls the mic sidetone, whereas on the Arctis 7 Plus it adjusts the game and chat audio mix. The Arctis 7 add to is easily accessible in black, if the 7P plus is accessible in black color or white.

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These improvements make the Arctis 7 Plus and 7P plus considerably an ext competitive with other headsets in this price range. The brand-new features aside, these room worth considering for the ski goggle suspension headband the keeps the frame of the headset from resting its load on top of her head, as well as the retractable microphone through a dedicated mic sidetone dial.

These room the headsets that I’ve waited a lengthy time because that SteelSeries come make, so ns excited to check them out to check out if they do the reduced as among the best gaming headsets you can buy.