If you room wondering whether it’s possible to change your Stardew Valley’s character’s surname after the creation of her character, climate you space probably familiar with mystery game cheat which permits you to spawn items by using your personality name.

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The prize for concern “Can you readjust your name in Stardew Valley” is officially no, because the video game itself go not have actually a built-in feature to readjust your character’s name. But if you space willing to spend a couple of minute tinkering game’s save records directly, climate it is possible, and actually quite simple.

The only downside is that changing name only works ~ above PC and Mac platforms, there is no known way to adjust your surname on other platforms, such together PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. If you space playing computer or Mac version of the game and also want to find out how to manually change your character’s name, then proceed reading our guide below.

First the all, close her Stardew sink game. Then, you’ll need to discover the folder wherein your game’s save records are located.

If you’re making use of Windows, open any kind of folder and in attend to bar kind %AppData% and struggle Enter.


If she a Mac user, go to “/Users//.config/”. Some documents in this folder could be hidden and also cannot be accessed. In order to check out hidden files press Command + transition + . on your keyboard.

Next, open up the located Stardew valley folder and also then open up Saves folder, this uses both because that Windows and Mac.

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Inside Saves folder, locate an additional folder through your character‘s name and also a bunch of numbers on it, and then open it. In this instance our character‘s name is „AbbyQue“:


Next, locate and also open the paper named “SaveGameInfo” by making use of Notepad or any kind of other message editor and press Ctrl + F for home windows or Command + F for Mac to open search in this details file. In search box kind in her character’s name and also press Find next button. Her character’s surname should gain highlighted in a native line, comparable to the one displayed in instance below:


Finally, change the highlighted name to any kind of name friend like and also save the file. The following time girlfriend launch her game, you need to see that your character’s name has changed.