If girlfriend are new to Snapchat and are wondering what space streak emojis, then we have actually the perfect guide for you. This overview will not only aid you recognize your streak emojis but additionally show you just how you can change them come an emoji of your choice. Let’s acquire started.

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What space Snapchat streak emojis?

Snapchat streaks are a method to track how much friend chat end Snapchat through a certain contact in your call list. Every emoji represents how long you have actually been chatting through someone end Snapchat. Because that example, if you have a yellow heart through someone climate it method that you room each other’s best friends.

They send the many snaps to you over Snapchat and also you send the most snaps come them. A red heart way that you have actually been finest friends because that over two weeks and also things can be starting to acquire serious and so on. This emojis no only assist you track her friendship but likewise get exciting stats about each other.

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What do Snapchat streak emojis mean?

Here is a considerable list of all the Snapchat emojis and also what they average for you and also your contact.

? birthday Cake

If her friend has actually a cake beside their name, climate it way that that is your birthday today.

⌛ Hourglass

An hourglass means that you had actually a significant snapstreak walk on v the human being in concern but now the is comes to one end. If you desire to keep it alive, climate send them one more snap asap.

? The 100 Emoji

The 100 emoji means that you and your call have preserved a snapstreak alive for 100 job now.

? The fire emoji

The fire emoji method that you space on a snapstreak v someone. You have managed to send each other snaps routinely for consecutive work in the past.

? Smiley face

This is an additional one of her close friends that you frequently stay in touch with. Not your best friend, but they are among the top 3 for sure.

? Smirking face

This means that girlfriend are among the ideal friends of the person in concern. You may not snap with them on regular basis over Snapchat, but they sure execute send girlfriend a many snaps.

? Grimace

You both re-superstructure the same best friend. This means that you send the most variety of snaps to the same human being as them. This can be one awkward situation.

? Smiley through sunglasses

One of your best friends is additionally one that their ideal friends. Possibly it’s time girlfriend both start sending snaps come each various other as girlfriend two might end up having actually a lot in common with every other.

? baby emoji

This emoji suggests that you have recently end up being friends with the human being in concern.

How to maintain Snapchat streaks through your Snapchat contacts?

If you want to keep Snapchat streaks v your contacts, climate you must make certain that you consistently keep sending snaps earlier and forth. The more you send snaps to each other, the higher is her score. If girlfriend fail to send breaks to each various other on a specific day then your snapstreak could end which will reset it.

To make certain that this does not happen, store an eye out for the ‘Hourglass’ emoji. This emoji will aid you identify if your snapstreak through someone is around to end. Because that a clear guide on what every emoji means, merely refer to the emoji list above.

How to change Snapchat streak emojis?

Follow this an easy guide if you wish to adjust emojis because that a certain snapstreak level for your Snapchat.

Note: also though you might assign a new emoji because that a specific score streak level, the emoji will not be adjusted for your problem contact.

Step 1: open up the Snapchat app on her mobile an equipment and tap on your profile snapshot in the peak left edge of the screen.


Step 2: currently tap the ‘gear’ symbol in the top right corner to accessibility Snapchat settings. As soon as the settings page opens, select ‘Customise Emojis’.


Step 3: Now pick ‘Snapstreak’. Girlfriend will now be displayed a list of all the emojis that can be used to change the snapstreak emoji. Simply tap on the emoji the your choice to pick it.


Your selected emoji will now be provided to clues Snapstreaks in her Snapchat app.

Note: If you are searching for a means to change the hundred emoji or the hourglass emoji then you are out of luck. Snapchat go not allow you to readjust these emojis together they are far-ranging indications of just how your snapstreak is going v someone.

How to eliminate snapstreaks from your Snapchat account?

Step 1: open Snapchat, tap on your profile photo on the top left corner and also then select the ‘gear’ symbol in the top right edge of the screen to open the ‘Settings’ page.


Step 2: currently tap top top ‘Customise Emojis’ top top the following page.


Step 3: as soon as open, tap top top ‘Reset come default’ to reset and also remove all of your present snapstreak data.


Your snapstreak data will currently be reset in the Snapchat app and also you will have the ability to start over again indigenous the beginning.

Snapchat is one of the most popular instant messaging apps that lets you re-superstructure quirky photos on the go while sending out messages as well. Girlfriend get access to loads of different image filters and even geographical filters that let you boost your images and share them with your friends.

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We expect this overview helped friend learn everything you needed to know around snapstreaks on Snapchat. If friend have any problems or queries, feel totally free to reach the end to us using the comments section below.