Welcome to one more post by Blazedude77Expert Eye that Cthulhu to be buffed majorly and also can be a challenge for even some proficient players.I"m a pro at the fight now, because of my epos stratagy! The ArenaFirst off, create an arena. A an excellent arena is approx. 70-80 block wide. It also must be flat.Then, acquire 2 campfires and 2 sunflowers, and place them on either next of the arena.Note: Sunflowers should be inserted on grass, not dirt.10 blocks up, ar 70-80 communication sideways to operation on.If you have done that right, it should look something choose this:

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The Gear
For the fight, you should use Tungsten or yellow Armour.For potions i provided Healing potions (not lesser ones) Night Owl, Hunter, Shine, and Archer Potions.The shine and also night owl room not necessary yet are useful.For equipment i used the Aglet, Hermes Boots, and also Hard/Armoured/Guarding/Warding accessories to lug up my defense.A hook of any type of kind is additionally necessary because that dodgingFor tools i supplied flame arrows and also shrunken with Tungsten/Silver Bow and also a couple grenades.The FightFor the fight, the Eye starts off choose normal, Hovering end you shooting Servants, and then Charging slowly.When the eye has only 1 or 2 servants out, usage the Bow. If he has actually multiple servants out, usage the shrunken to remove them.Use the hook to get to the platforms if needed or if you need to turn around, and also be careful.Keep doing for this reason until second phase begins.When the second phase starts, there will be massive Servants, so usage your shrunken until every last one of them is gone.Now start attacking the Eye.His defense is 0 in his second phase, so currently you can do mega damage. Use just your bow and also keep shooting t him till he goes berserk.The third Phase is quite an overwhelming for beginners, for this reason you might die if this is your first time. He will charge really fast in ~ you. Operation at full speed andjump slightly as soon as he gets close come you, or rather you will certainly be hit. Store using her bow until hes down to 150-250 health. Jumping will not work-related for really long now,so its basically a DPS race. Avoid using her bow and also get the end your grenades. 6-15 is valuable as you may miss. Store tossing grenades at the Eye until he is dead.So you defeated the skilled Eye that Cthulhu and got his treasure bag. The drops the Sheild the Cthulhu which is quite useful even in late game.I hope you preferred this guide!!! peace out - Blazedude77
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Very good, I choose it. But, I always find grind for Tungsten/Gold/Platinum too hard. Is it better to break 2 Shadow Orbs/Crimson Hearts and also then walk for Meteor Gear? then it"s just around a long flat way, store running and also shooting the Gun? Grenades are a bit dangerous to use.And, again, I prefer this guide.

Very good, I like it. But, I always find grinding for Tungsten/Gold/Platinum as well hard. Is it better to break 2 Shadow Orbs/Crimson Hearts and also then go for Meteor Gear? climate it"s just around a long level way, keep running and shooting the Gun? Grenades space a bit dangerous to use.And, again, I choose this guide.

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Expert mode crimson and especial corruption is sort of tricky in expert mode... Yet yes, it"s possible. I made this guide so you might fight the Eye early in the game, and not have to farm meteorite and also actually acquire some kind weapons prior to you struggle the brain/eater. Space gun is great for the very first phase w/ the Servants, yet it suck during second and third phase. Ns recommend an are gun for queen bee.