Jesser network Worth

Jesser is an American YouTuber and also NBA 2K player. He has actually been well known for producing the an obstacle and wager videos that have actually made his YouTube channel famous. Later on on, he came to be a member of the NBA 2K-focused web team 2Hype. Follow to the 2021 estimates,Jesser network Worthis about $5 million. In ~ a brief period, he earned numerous subscribers on his channel, and later on, he likewise gained a large follower base.

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Real nameJesse Riedel
Jesser The Lazer network Worth$5 million
Jesser Height5 feet 9 inches
Jesser Age21-yrs old
Birth dateMarch 27, 1999
Birth placeLos Angeles, California
OccupationYouTuber, social Media Star
Jesser girlfriend

Jesser girl friend updates imply that the popular Tik Tok star, Model, and Youtuber had actually been dating Iman Awann. That isn’t married yet, and so there room no revelations about Jesser wife.


Channel name: Jesser

Joined on: 9th July 2012

Number the subscribers: 3.39 million+

Early life and also career

The net name of Jesser isJesser The Lazer.He to be born on march 27, 1999, in Los Angeles, California, unified States. By birth, his surname is Jesse Riedel. Jesser father is male Riedel, who has actually been a film producer. Besides, Jesser has likewise featured his mommy in some of his videos. But there is no idea about his mother’s name. Jesser has actually a brother named James Riedel, who is recognized as Jiedel.

His brother has been a renowned social media star as well. Jesser has actually been a popular Tik Tok star, Model, and also Youtuber. Adorable grin, Style, Looks, and Amazing Personality make him fairly famous. Instagram pictures and also Videos do him really famous. Besides, he is also well well-known for the parody video cuts, relocating recordings, and performance the the lip-adjusts on TikTok( Stylish ensembles and also photographs over Instagram do him famous. The increasing Jesserthelazer net Worth has provided him in the category top YouTuber’s network worth.

Just after Jesser had actually finished high school from his hometown, he had actually started going come college. Yet later on, that left college to focus on his YouTube career.

Highlight on the expert life

Jesser had created the channelJesser The Lazeron July 9th, 2012. The an initial video that he had posted there to be NBA 2K14 in real life. Later on, Jesser had additionally posted the various real-life videos and also gained Stardom from them.

The subscriber count had crossed an ext than 3 million at a details point. The star is additionally well recognized as a member of the group 2HYPE. Some of the influential members that this group encompass CashNasty, Kristopher London, Mopi, Jiedel, and also ZackTTG. They additionally reside together and have the team YouTube channel wherein they room uploading the obstacles every Saturday.

Highlight on the controversy

The YouTuber had been busy structure his career, yet there has actually been the involvement of some controversies. Despite not much prominent, the is more focused ~ above his career.


Here’s a highlight on few of the facts linked with Jesser:

His Instagram and other communication have functioned with lots of subscribers in the type of expert models.His YouTube channel has likewise got lot of of endorsements. The has likewise come across different clients.The social media Influencer endorses various Brands.

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What Is Jessers real Name?

Jesse Riedel is Jessers actual Name.