Facts of J-Fred
Full Name:Joseph Fredricks
Age:29 years
Birthday:16 Oct
Marital status:Married
Net Worth:N/A
Profession:YouTuber, Vlogger, Instagram Star
Sibling:Two (sister: Sarah and also brother: Matthias)

J-Fred, additionally known as The Jolly White Giant, is one American YouTuber. J-Fred has actually a self-titled YouTube channel whereby he shares amazing vlogs. The is additionally a component of other channels such together Team Edge, Team sheet Gaming, and also Battle Universe.

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How old is J-Fred?

J-Fred was born Joseph Fredricks top top October 16, 1991, in Woodland, California, USA. The is right now 29 year old and also was born under the sign of Libra. He has an older sister called Sarah and also an older brother named Matthias, who is additionally a renowned YouTube personality. His father’s surname is Ted, and his mother’s name is Katie.

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Career line of J-Fred

J-Fred join YouTube top top September 13, 2013. The American YouTuber, well-known for his feeling of humour, uploads a wide selection of contents to his self-titled channel.He articles challenges, pranks, reactions, travel stories, and also other vlogs. J-Fred is also the CXO that Hi5 Studios.J-Fred released his very first video, title ‘Matthias and J-Fred’s Insane Parkour.’ complying with this, the videos ‘The Fredrichi Brothers,’ ‘How no to fight on Girls,’ ‘MATTHIAS date of birth BREAK IN,’ ‘How to draw the Perfect Freehand Circle,’ and ‘Does her Mommy Love You’ to be released. These videos were well-received, through a big number the views and also shares.The YouTuber then started posting challenge videos such together ‘BACKWARDS WORD difficulty | J-FRED & MATTHIAS,’ ‘FOOD SLAP CHALLENGE,’ ‘Whisper challenge w/Farooqinbeast,’ and also ‘What’s In mine Mouth Challenge! part 1 ft.He also posted videos favor ‘Reacting to Embarrassing facebook Photos,’ ‘Do you Think She’s Hot,’ ‘BABY got SMASHED,’ ‘Kids to speak Hilarious Things,’ and ‘REACTING come EMBARRASSING on facebook PHOTOS,’ which the audience uncovered funny and also entertaining.J-Fred critical posted a video to his main channel on respectable 15, 2016. After that, he joined various other YouTube networks such together Team Edge, Team leaf Gaming, and also Battle Universe.These channels, too, have exciting content.

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They have a large number of subscribers and also views.His collaborative channels have hundreds of subscribers and also views. Every one of these YouTube networks have added to J-Fred’s popularity on the social platform.Because the his unique and also interesting content, he has actually amassed thousands of thousands of fans and admirers on various other social networking website such as Twitter and also Instagram.