We’ve currently looked at starting Wizards, so today we’re going come talk about Druids. Similar to last time, we suggest you examine out an excellent tips for brand-new RPG football player to help setup your character and also those posts are a great place to start as castle will aid you acquire the many out that your new roleplay experience and also get girlfriend thinking about your earlier story and how you want your Druid come play. This article is going to focus on pour it until it is full in your stat sheet and also deciding what spells you must take, instead of your backstory (which is yes, really important).

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LET’S acquire STARTED!


Before jumping right into the meat, I want to take it a minute to define what a Druid in D&D actually is. I would rather you select the Druid with a full understanding the what the means, and also not suppose to have actually some crazy woodland ninja who leads from the front (those space Rangers) like ns did the an initial time i played. Don’t permit the armor fool you!

At their core, Druids space nature wizards. They have actually the very same amount and break down of spell slot as a wizard does, v the only exception being the wizards learn one additional cantrip and also have a much bigger pool of spells come choose. What carry out druids get? all of their magic is concentrated on nature and life. Unlike wizards, druids have the right to learn heal spells, deserve to wear up to medium armour, bring a shield and also even have some quite cool weapon proficiencies (despite the fact they will certainly not wear armor or use shields that room made the metal).



Statistics in D&D represent just how your personality interacts v the world and what they deserve to (and cannot) accomplish. Job-related with your DM to ensure you space generating your statistics the same as the rest of her group and whatever technique chosen, you will certainly generate 6 various numbers; 1 for each attribute. When you have actually your numbers, it’s necessary to prioritize her statistics to gain the many out the them. First, take the highest possible statistic and use that for your Wisdom score. Together you room able come wear tool armour, you desire to make sure you are maxing her AC (how hard it is for creatures to hit friend in combat) at a +2, which way giving it a 14 or 15, if you have it available. Finally, constitution must be among your greater stats. This provides you more hit point out every time you level and makes the harder for your character come die. Follow this together a an excellent how to:

Wisdom -> Dexterity (max 15) -> structure -> Charisma (trust me) -> knowledge -> Strength



At level 1, a Druid to know 2 cantrips and also a number of level 1 spells equal to their level (1) + their Wisdom modifier. For the function of this article, let’s assume you have 5 spells and we’ll walk v some an excellent choices.

For your beginning cantrips, i recommend Shillelagh and also Thorn Whip. I like Shillelagh at beforehand levels since you can turn the society or quarterstaff (one that the starting weapons you have to choose) into a magical weapon the does D8 damage. This is why you have the right to treat strength as a intake stat. The spell allows you to usage your spell assault modifier for melee attacks and does a blanket D8. Store in mind that you still include your spellcasting ability to damage rolls so as you level and that together it gets better, it will start including some much more damage. Mandrel Whip is a typical ranged assault cantrip that has actually the bonus of gift able to traction the affected target in the direction of you, therefore make sure you are always hanging out at your maximum 30 feet (you room still a somewhat squishy nature Wizard).

You have actually healing spells, so always take them. Your two first spells have to be healing Word and Cure Wounds. This provides you adaptability to cure a target at variety with healing Word, or use the much much more powerful cure Wounds if you room close enough to touch the target. Perform not run previous the huge angry melee monster to cure a party member uneven you don’t mind getting punched however trust me once I say that you absolutely carry out mind gift punched. Cure Wounds once it is for sure to perform so, heal Word the remainder of the time. Following you need to look for a combat focused spell and unfortunately Druids only have actually Thunderwave to choose. Remember, Thunderwave have the right to hurt her friends, therefore don’t death the ox pulling your party’s wagon, like I did. Ns recommend Entangle next as it permits you to restrain one enemy, making every one of the fighters in your group have benefit when attack the target.

The last thing I will mention about Druid spells is that, uneven a Wizard’s spellbook, you’re not stuck discovering these spells forever (except cantrips, you rest it, friend bought it). During any type of long rest, a Druid deserve to swap out their spells, so feel free to play around with all of them and also see what friend like.



Playing with just the Player’s Handbook (as over there are added options in supplements and also Unearthed Arcanas), you have two choices; circle of the floor or circle of the Moon. Druids the the circle of the Land take on spellcasting and also truly end up being nature Wizards. You find out a new cantrip, bringing your totals in line v those that Wizards, and at different levels you will certainly learn new spells that execute not count in the direction of your limit and also you always have prepared. The list in the Player’s Handbook space cumulative for this reason at 9th level, you will know all of them, all the time.

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Druids of the circle of the Moon emphasis on their form shifting abilities. They can transform right into larger creatures and at a much earlier level. Eventually, your beast attacks will count as magical and you can also turn right into an elemental. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be a brown bear all the time and you deserve to still provide a the majority of use come the party in your non-Beast kind by spreading spells and also using cantrips. The course, the never hurts to have an emergency be afflicted with on stand by. Nobody expects an emergency bear.