Over the past couple of days, I made decision to carry out something dumb: collection all 243 Riddler trophies in Batman: Arkham Knight. I never ever bothered tracking them under in the ahead Arkham games, but I figured it would certainly be a fun means to expand the life of a video game I was enjoying. One wasted vacation weekend later, ns living proof that desires can come true. Along the way, i learned a few things that are bound to do life easier for my fellow completionists.

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I’m no going to dive right into the specific solutions because that puzzles in this story. Instead, I’m concentrating on vast things that would have saved me time if I’d thought around them once I very first started. Because that blow-by-blow details on every collectible location, there room a host of resources accessible online, including IGN’s excellent guide.

1. Make the many of those informantsThe Riddler’s goons space soft, and also Batman have to make the most of your disloyalty. Edward Nigma’s subordinates show up green under detective vision, and they sing prefer sparrows after getting roughed up a bit. Batman’s map it s okay updated with several new points of attention in the process, too. 

That’s enough of my instruction-manual impersonation. This is the deal: you going come come throughout a ton of these jerks together you development through the story – especially if you keep detective vision on whenever you in flight, which i recommend. Once you see a environment-friendly guy or a green car, fall what you’re doing and also make a beeline toward that person/vehicle. Missions can wait. Ns spent means too lengthy at the finish of my attempt circling Gotham City and hoping come spot an additional would-be traitor. If I’d been maintaining a closer watch on the ground previously on, that would have saved me a bunch the time overall. Also, there might be one informant slinking around inside the Gotham City Police Department, so keep an eye over there too.


2. Recognize your collectiblesThose question-mark trophies space his phone call card, however the Riddler has an ext stuff hidden throughout Gotham City. Breakable objects come in a variety of forms, consisting of Militia Shields, spider bots, and Jack-in-the-boxes. To ruin them, you should hit them with your Batmobile’s cannon or a Batarang. Riddles show up as < > clues on the map, and also you have to use Batman’s scanner to discover the solution to a vague clue. 

You almost always have what you must collect this from the get-go. If girlfriend see among these objects in the wild – or obtain a clue for what looks prefer an apparent riddle systems – go nuts. These room basically the low-hanging fruit of the game. Several of the riddles carry out require you to look at objects native a certain angle, and also it can be finicky; in those cases, ns felt zero shame around consulting a walkthrough video.


3. Conserve the trophiesThe Riddler is a nice clever guy, and also he’s professional at anticipating what type of devices Batman will certainly be using. Due to the fact that of that, she going to run into puzzles the are difficult to resolve until you have actually the proper gear. Ns wasted too much time top top those. Uneven the trophy was simply sitting on a ledge (which does happen), I at some point stopped trying come grab them till well right into the campaign.

As friend play, you’ll fill up Batman’s gadget wheel. When I earned (or located) every his gear, i went ~ the trophies in earnest. The way, I could methodically clean an area without having to worry around getting stuck and having to make a return trip. Those airships to be annoying the very first time around; I can have conserved myself a most trouble through waiting and doing one expanded trophy operation there instead of number of smaller (and fruitless) trips.

It’s possible to blow previous two of Batman’s tools entirely, due to the fact that you don’t get them with the campaign. I ended up grabbing them once I was around 70-percent finished through the story. Like I said, there space a lot of areas to look virtual if you don’t want to find them yourself. In the instance of one tool in particular, good luck finding it yourself.


4. A few loose endsThese don’t fall neatly right into the other categories, however I wish I’d well-known them sooner. ~ the an initial hundred or for this reason trophies, you start to pick up a few things about the Riddler and his habits. Discover from my wasted time.

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In many time-based riddles, girlfriend don’t need to use the Batmobile. You’re definitely welcome to journey if friend like, but I found it to be much quicker to eject the end of the car ASAP and soar to my destination. Upgrade her traversal skills as soon as you can, too.There’s a puzzle that calls for the mine-scrambling Disruptor upgrade, for this reason make sure you’ve unlocked that, also if that the just time you’ll also think of utilizing that upgrade.Riddler’s robots don’t always need to it is in fought. Often, they have to be controlled.Look around.When in doubt, struggle the neon question note with a Batarang.