Cookie Jam is either a to mark homage or shameless copy that the mega-popular candy Crush series of games. Regardless, there\"s no denying the jamming cookies just as addicting and also can consume simply as much of your complimentary time as crushing candies. What\"s more, over there are simply as numerous tips, hints, and also cheats that can not only assist you blaze v levels faster, yet even knife you unlimited cost-free lives there is no spending a dime. If the sounds an excellent to you, follow follow me for our height tips!


Cookie Jam is susceptible to the exact same date and also time change trick as most similar games. Once you run out of lives, merely hop right into the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and adjust the time forward a few hours. Hop earlier into Cookie Jam and voila, girlfriend should have actually lives again. You have the right to repeat this trick as frequently as you\"d like. Simply remember that as soon as you\"re done, you\"ll should put the time ago to normal or you may run into issues with iMessage.

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Cookie Jam is for this reason derivative, it even consists of the exact same patterns and types of one-of-a-kind pieces together Candy Crush. That way 5 candy in a heat will execute the very same thing a donut will, an together or T shape formation will give you one exploding ingredient. There are a couple of differences yet seriously, use your liquid crushing ability to your advantage. That being said, if you havne\"t already, be sure you examine out our candy Crush guides as well, since many that the very same rules, tips, and also tricks, will apply here.


Rolling pins will certainly clear whole row of ingredients in one go. If it\"s tempting to usage them to end up off a certain type of ingredient, it\"s lot smarter to conserve them because that obnoxious corners and also crevices friend can\"t with easily. For example, if you have waffles that you need to clear, you\"ll run into many times where they hide in corners that are tough to match.


Don\"t go chasing gingerbread men around the board. Of course you have to keep an eye on them but for the many part, they\"ll take care of us in due time. By the I mean look because that patterns over and roughly them. Because that example, if a eco-friendly gingerbread guy is moving up a row and there are two eco-friendly candies not much from him, permit him move there and also then swipe him to his demise. Don\"t try to reduced pieces or lug them to his level, you\"re much better than that.


When you make moves in ~ the peak of the board, you generally don\"t ever have an chance to obtain combos. This is due to the fact that less pieces space moved roughly all in ~ once. Instead, always take all her moves at the bottom the the plank first. This way, you produce a cascade result and more new pieces come to be available. And hey, sometimes the pieces you would have swapped at the peak take care of us as piece fall.

While part folks are A-OK v passing a level through a mere one star, over there are several us out there that simply don\"t think that\"s an excellent enough. In order to grasp each level, not only do you need to clear ingredients and become a combo master, among the ideal ways come earn every 3 stars is to end with as numerous moves together possible. This means you get special ingredient piece at the very end to pad your score also more. So watch for patterns and clear as lot as you deserve to in solitary moves. And most importantly, protect against meaningless move at all cost.

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It\"s super basic to acquire distracted by two special candies sitting right beside each other. It\"s practically as if there\"s a small voice inside your head that states \"Swipe them now!\" the being said, that isn\"t always your finest option. While swapping 2 rainbow cakes or a rainbow cake and also a striped ingredient are always a sure bet, two diagonal ingredients and also a couple of other combinations are not frequently worth wasting. Instead, save them for once they space in better positions independently and also can serve you 2 purposes.

Your peak Cookie Jam tips?

Those room our top tips for jamming as numerous cookies as possible. We\"re always on the lookout for more, however, therefore if girlfriend know any kind of others, tell us all about them in the comments!