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Would someone be for this reason kind as to explain the entirety gremlin bell/ drive bell thing. I have actually been speak for all of 8 weeks and I have actually only heard around it in passing on this forum.Sent from my PC36100 making use of cost-free App
I don’t know either means on the superstition side of things. Ns would placed one ~ above the bike and the various other on the boat !
Send the second one to someone who needs one. Component of the deal is you have to obtain one together a gift, no buying one because that yourself. Add to if girlfriend gift one away, the one girlfriend have develops optimum power;-)
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Don"t g-string in a bunch.... Us can carry tour idea to the off-topic forum!...okay ns look front to it!!
Don"t g-string in a bunch.... Us can bring tour idea to the off-topic forum!...okay ns look forward to it!!
Ride Bell by The Bride and CanyonRetired bell by Old Dad:-D2 time BOTM winner06 VTX Glide & 05 ST1300;-)
I run two on mine and also will run 3 or 4 or 5 if they are given to me. I will additionally purchase one and also gift it the end for every one ns get.Have done this four times for this reason far. Two offered for the ones on the VTX, one for the bell top top the Spirit and also one because that the bell on the Rebel ...Nothing to carry out with superstition however a lot of to do with the friendships and also traditions I have actually heard and read about the bell.On the other hand - what have the right to a tiny help from the concealed powers that be hurt ....
Just recieved my an initial has a gift today. When I get my bike back from the dealership the is walk on. What is the ideal location?Tcspencer211
Mount it as low together possible, but keep it tight to the bike. Make sure rate bumps and also turns dont take it it far from you! Close to pegs or under radiator is usual spot.Coop
Ride Bell by The Bride and Canyon
Retired bell by Old Dad:-D2 time BOTM winner06 VTX Glide & 05 ST1300;-)
I"ve to be gifted 2 end the years, and have sent over 25 to assorted peeps here. I have actually one native Kara (mia because that a when here) and also one from Christopher,,my bike sports em both, one on every side and low.

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I have actually three of castle on mine Sabre, all presents that I just cannot part with. Yeah, I have actually made gifts of a couple of also. Again, that is mainly around friendship and also caring because that our brother and sister bikers (Motorcyclists) being raised and also steeped in the old Galic mode, i still cannot fully shake the story of the unknown! ns am also really comfortable v it all. :-D
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