According to the NHTSA, automobile airbags helped save end 50,000 resides from 1987 come 2017. We"ll describe to you what airbags are, how they work, airbag prices, airbag replacement costs, and also if the is possible to replace an airbag yourself.

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The last point that components into the price of airbag replacement is the make and model of her car. If you wondering exactly how much go it price to change airbags, this is among the most influential contributors.

One factor is that some models sell much better than others, an interpretation there are more of castle on the road. In many cases, if you take an average, non-luxury sedan that has been well-received, you’ll discover the components for them at a lower price – consisting of an airbag.

However, ~ above average, and taking right into account all of the above, an airbag replacement will price anywhere native $1,000 to $1750.

Is It feasible To replace An Airbag Yourself?

This is one of those concerns that if you’re asking it, girlfriend probably currently know the answer to.

The reality of the issue is that we room all for DIY projects right here at, yet replacing one airbag you yourself at home is one we don’t suggest.

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Because that is a pretty facility job come do, and the last point you desire is come tinker with such an essential car security feature.