I"ve paid the blood fee: the $30, because that a faction change on one of my toons. Been wait for... Almost 3 hrs now. Logged in, no token yet for change. Checked Bnet account, still claims it"s queued.How lengthy does it usually for a faction change to in reality happen?

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took around 15 mins earlier on this evening, sorted that out, cooked some food, and when i got ago to comp to be faction / kingdom changed.
Really? This evening? and yet, I"m in ~ 3 hrs of queued now? Jeesh. Must"ve been a ton of world paying because that services before I obtained in line.
Depends on once you did the swap. I understand it all counts on just how backlogged the system is through requests. Mine have ranged indigenous 15mins to almost half a day before.
Really? This evening? and also yet, I"m at 3 hrs of queued now? Jeesh. Must"ve to be a ton of world paying because that services prior to I gained in line.
Depends top top payment service.I once waited a week because that my appropriate service and then ns heard appropriate can an insect sometimes and also you should take contact with Blizzard.
Depends top top payment service.I once waited a week for my appropriate service and also then i heard right can pest sometimes and also you should take call with Blizzard.
Yeah this too. Once I pay because that WoW ingredient (WoW time, faction swap, transfers, etc) v PayPal the takes a little longer 보다 if I simply use the PayPal debit card. Walk figure.

I"ve had actually it take everywhere from 5 minutes up to practically 24 hours when the system was busy (promotion, totally free transfers, etc).
I"ve transferred and also faction changed a ton of times end the years and it"s constantly been in ~ 15-20 minutes for me. I constantly thought it was based upon payment an approach because the moment I gained the notice from my financial institution that a transaction take it place, I acquired the notification email indigenous Blizzard that it was complete (always offered my an individual bank, no outside payment methods)
There"s a hold-up on every character services at the moment. This cannot be accelerated or expedited by GMs unfortunately, I already tried yesterday.Just need to wait that out.
My wife just transferred and also faction adjusted her second priest come our various other guild and also it took 18 minutes, perhaps it"s a regional thing? We"re in QC.
The host up might be your payment method. In concept it relies on how many requests in queue over there are, yet I"ve never had actually a paid company take much longer than 15 minutes.
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When ns faction readjusted before, it to be literally pay -> go on WoW -> option available.But i don"t know around the current ones, due to the fact that this was a year or two earlier I go my last faction change.
I"d assume anywhere from a couple minutes come 24 hours. It probably depends on her payment method, and how countless there are going on, but most most likely the payment method, more than something else.
Are you carrying to Horde or come Alliance? Blizzard favoritism gift what that is, move to Horde are constantly dealt v much quicker than move to Alliance.

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Go away.It definitely depends on your payment method, in my case Paypal takes much longer to procedure than a debit/credit map or pre-loaded balance. Also, apparently previously this week due to the fact that of the Bnet maintenance problems plus a power outage, they space still a little slow in certain paid features.