Arctic Fox is not PERMANENT. Follow to the manufacturer, it fully fades after 24 washes. The an ext you wash your hair, the much faster it fades.

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The duration have the right to be expanded according to the soot of the tone you choose and your basic color. The more intense and darker colors have the right to last up to 35 washes. Today, I’ll provide you the names of this hair dyes and also some secrets to use Arctic Fox because that the an initial time.

Arctic Fox is a semi-permanent hair color. The supreme regulation of semi-permanent hair colour applies: they fade ~ a certain variety of washes.

Some take much longer to wash out and some take much less time. Still, at some point they all fade.

In the specific case that Arctic Fox, and also according to the manufacturer, the shade fades out in between 22 and 24 washes.

However, some colors deserve to take much much longer to fully fade (up to around 35 washes) I can assure you the “days” is a many difference.

What space those colors?


Arctic Fox’s darker, much more intense tones take much longer to wash out.
Purple Rain Blue Jean Baby Phantom Green Electric Paradise Wrath Poison Ritual Violet Dream Transylvania

If you use Phantom Green and Ritual, which room dark and also intense tones ~ above a light, virtually white base, they’ll take much longer to wash out. So, you need to calculate around 30 to 35 washes.

On the other hand, colour like Frose or Neverland disappear in 24 washes.

Why perform the more intense Arctic Fox color take much longer to fade completely?

Because they are much more pigmented.

But girlfriend should likewise keep in psychic that many Arctic Fox hair dyes need an almost white basic color.

I’ll provide you an example to aid you know why the base shade of the hair is one influential aspect in the term of Arctic Fox.

Imagine the your son, nephew, or your best friend’s son doodles everywhere your white wall surface with purple and yellow paint.

Which of this colors will be simpler to remove, yellow or purple?

Obviously, the lighter colored repaint will be simpler to remove than the purple.

The same goes for her hair. Colors like Cosmic Sunshine or Frose, which are lighter colors, on bleached platinum blonde hair will certainly fade out totally in around 24 washes.

It brings us to one more fact to keep in mind.

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If you desire Arctic Fox to last as long as possible, your hair should be bleaching to an extra light base


If you don’t desire to put your hair at risk by bleaching it come a platinum blonde, climate it’s ideal to watch for another hair color.

All the Arctic Fox colors that you have the right to see in the pictures on their website are used on a platinum blonde base.

So, if you desire to gain colors prefer Virgin Pink or Aquamarine to look just like in the Instagram posts, you’ll need to have that basic color.

Don’t press your luck. If girlfriend still have doubts, log on to the official Arctic Fox website again. The shade chart reflects you what every one looks choose on various base tones.I assure you they look nothing alike and also the reason is very simple. The Arctic Fox hair dye doesn’t permeate the hair core. Instead, it’s just deposited ~ above the outside like a film of color.

That’s why the hair dye slowly fades through each wash.


If your hair is irradiate brown, and you select Aquamarine, the color will not present through and also if you use it to a light blonde 8.

Are friend convinced?

Good for you! Then, it’s time to save my promises.

Do friend remember it?


7 keys to understand before applying Arctic Fox to your hair

All long-term or semi-permanent hair shade brands have actually their secrets. Arctic Fox is no exception.

I’ll call you how to attain a vibrant and unique shade without lot effort.

1- use Arctic Fox on your freshly bleaching hair


I think after everything I’ve explained, there’s not much an ext to add. To get the vivid Arctic Fox colour you check out on social media, you should bleach your hair.

But top top the optimistic side, Arctic Fox is formulated through high-quality natural products that will add nutrients to her hair.


Therefore, if you color your hair through Arctic Fox immediately after bleaching, you will do it be starting on the roadway to hydrating her hair.

2- perform the strand test to make certain you really favor the Arctic Fox ton you chose


Tell me the truth, I’m certain it’s occurred to you more than once. Your best friend has actually a dress that provides you sigh.

Every time she wears that dress, your people goes black and you feel that healthy envy becomes unhealthy.

You want that dress and also you desire it now!


You uncover out what store she bought the from, sneak right into it, and buy it. Once you finally get home, you progressively slide it down your body, and also when you ultimately look in the mirror…you discover that dress doesn’t make you watch great.

You don’t recognize why, maybe the length, or the shape of the neckline, however the exact same dress that highlights her friend’s body, has the opposite impact on you.

The same thing happens through hair dye colors.

Your friend might look perfect in a pastel green like Neverland since she has a fair complexion and light eyes.


Instead, if you have actually dark skin and dark eyes, Violet Dream will suit you much better.

So, before applying Arctic Fox to your whole hair, different a single strand and also apply the color of her choice.

After rinsing and also drying, friend can get an idea of exactly how the color will look at throughout her hair.

If you don’t know just how to carry out a strand test, here I explain it action by step.


3- Prepare the ar where you’ll apply the hair dye


I mean that you safeguard all the objects that space in the location where you’ll use the hair dye, which is normally the bathroom. Arctic Fox stains absolutely everything in that path.

I also advise you come use apparel that girlfriend don’t mind getting stained and also old towels. Arctic Fox has actually quite a fluid texture and also you might get some spills while applying it.

4- apply Arctic Fox on her dry and also clean hair



If you apply a irreversible hair dye, your hair should be unwashed for at least 48 hours. The sebum developed by the scalp protects it from the chemicals it contains.

But in the instance of Arctic Fox, together it is a semi-permanent hair dye, her hair should be clean.

The natural oiliness of the scalp can cause the hair dye come slip and not adhere to the surface ar of the hair.

5- pick a soft ton to start with


The lighter tones are ideal for women that are new to the amazing people of fantasy colors.

Arctic Fox works v intense pigments. So, i recommend that you use much less flashy tones because that the an initial application.


6- apply moisturizer or vaseline to her skin


This is a cheat I usage in the shop to save the hair dye indigenous staining the neck, forehead, and also side that the ear when applying it.

The ingredients in the cream avoid the hair dye from difficult to the skin. It’ll help you protect against cleaning hair dye stains because that hours.

7- Don’t leave Arctic Fox on much longer than instructed

While your hair will certainly not suffer any type of damage during the application, you can saturate it v color. Then, you’ll stain your clothes, sheets, pillows, and anything else the touches your hair v hair dye residue.

You should leave the hair dye on for 30 minutes and also rinse through lukewarm, nearly cold water to help pigments deposit.

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If you select Arctic Fox’s pastels and light tones, the color will fade totally after 24 washes.

However, together the much more intense colors contain more pigment, they deserve to last approximately 35 washes.

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