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"How that Feels come Chew 5 Gum" is the slogan of Wringley"s 5 gum brand advertisements exit in 2007. The image macro collection employs hyperbole because that humorous effect in comparable vein to "I expect You action on a LEGO".


The expression "how the feels come chew 5 gum" to be originally presented as component of 5 Gum"s 2007 declaring campaign<1>, which featured the slogan through euphoric imageries.


Over the years, several parodies that the advertising have arised on YouTube, and also image macros special the slogan ~ above sites choose 4chan, Reddit, picture Generator, FunnyJunk, and Cheezburger.




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Schmoyoho’s YouTube channel has been one of the greatest success stories to come out of the early days of the platform. We invited them to sit down with us and also recap whatever from the at an early stage days that Schmoyoho come the present day, and also getting come the bottom of i beg your pardon Gregory brother was truly the grasp of memes amongst them.

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