Exploring is a wonderful way learn an ext about your surroundings. You deserve to take day hikes or visit museums through your family. There are countless beautiful locations to visit within a pair of hours’ drive from Mesa, Arizona. If girlfriend are in search of a day expedition for you and also your family members that is both fun and also educational, look at no further than this list of five day trips from Mesa you need to try. Over there is something because that everyone, also if you want to drive an hour or two, which will be right for a pilgrimage with your tiny ones.

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1. Grand Canyon


“The grand canyon Arizona.” offered with permission via publicly Domain mark 1.0 by young name Spragg. NZ

The cool Canyon is number one on many people’s lists of areas to visit. It is a beautiful testimony to what nature is capable of and is among the world’s seven organic wonders. While a day expedition out come this splendid beauty may have you spending long hrs in the car, it will certainly be much more than worth it once you arrive. 

From Mesa, the cool Canyon is a 496-mile roundtrip. The pilgrimage is just under four hours from Mesa yet still doable in one day, specifically if friend leave early in the morning. It might be a lengthy day for those in the 2 come 4-year-old range, yet your infants will likely catch a pair of good naps follow me the method while your kindergartner can uncover plenty of exciting sights the end their window. Snacks and car activities will also be your friend because that this drive.

When you with the park, you can conveniently spend hours exploring lookouts and also sites throughout grand Canyon nationwide Park and along the Canyon Rim. Guided tours are available, as space helicopter flyovers that the canyon.

However, if you and also your household prefer a self-guided experience, you deserve to pick up a map at the entrance and start exploring. Few of the much more popular attractions depending upon which rim you walk to, are places like the following:

Kolb StudioLookout StudioHopi HouseMather allude OverlookRim TrailGeological MuseumHermit roadway DriveGrand Canyon Railway DepotBright point of view TrailDesert view Drive

This is simply a choice of the trails and sites you have the right to experience while spending a day at the grand Canyon. If you decision to hit up multiple spots and also turn her day trip right into a weekend trip, over there are numerous hotels in the area to stay in that room kid-friendly.

2. Apache Trail and also Superstition

The Apache trace is much closer to Mesa — only 65 miles, roundtrip. This historic trail enables you come immerse your small ones in aboriginal American culture. You have the right to walk in the footsteps that prospectors and also Native americans from 100 years earlier and see the volcano Superstition cliffs — which range 2,000 feet —and the covert Lost Dutchman Mine. 

The shed Dutchman Mine is one of the many talked-about mines in the West. Take your kids to The Superstition Mountain lost Dutchman Museum to watch artifacts, history, and folklore indigenous the area.

Goldfield is likewise in the area. In the 1890s, it to be a thriving community. Currently it’s a desolate ghost town. Include a little intrigue to her day expedition by acquisition the Goldfield Ghost Town’s guided tourism of the Mammoth Mine. When there, gain the shops, saloon, and a vintage basic store.

Venture a small further past the ghost town, and also you will reach Canyon Lake Marina in the Tonto national Forest. Take it a journey on Dolly Steamboat because that the nature cruise. You and your household will get the experience of one old-fashioned riverboat cruise. Together you float, your captainwill sharehistorical facts about the trail and the lake.

3. Wickenburg and Lake Pleasant

Head one hour phibìc of Phoenix come visit a town steeped in the Old West. Below you can check out places like:

Antique shopsArt GalleriesOutdoor trailsBeautiful nature spotsHistoric buildingsVulture Mine

If you are more interested in water features, drive around 35 mile southeast to Lake Pleasant. It is just one of the biggest in the state, to add it has rentals for boats, fishing boats, deck boats, and even houseboats, which will certainly surely be funny for her kids. 

Hassayampa River maintain is a safeguarded wildlife atmosphere with 4 miles of trails come hike that enables you to view birds, mammals, and reptiles, allowing you to teach her kids more about animals’ herbal habitats. 

4. Mogollon Rim

Take a 206-mile round pilgrimage trek come Mogollon Rim. Right here you and also your family will discover the world’s largest organic bridge, Tonto natural Bridge. The travertine leg is 400-feet long and sits 183-feet high. Was standing on peak of the bridge and take in the secenry or follow the trail under the leg so you and also your household can marvel at its thin size. 

In the area lies Pine, a community resolved by Mormon pioneers in 1879. The city is full of historical buildings, and they also have a Pioneer job Celebration they hold yearly in July. It is among the earliest of its kind.

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Also, check out the nearby town the Strawberry, which gets its surname from the wild berries cultivation in that is hills. It is residence to the state’s oldest schoolhouse made by pioneers in 1885. The schoolhouse tho stands and also is a state historical site.

5. Globe, Miami and Tonto

Globe and also Miami are two historic mining neighborhoods filed with enough background to meet the many curious minds. You can visit the Besh-Ba-Gowah Indian Ruins, several of the most well-preserved sites in the Southwest region. Top top the mountain Carlos Reservation, you have the right to visit the san Carlos Apache social Center simply 10 miles southern of Globe. 

Head toward Roosevelt Lake, and also you will hit the Tonto nationwide Monument. Adjacent to the monument, over there is a hiking trail bring about the Salado Indian ruins. Here you deserve to see the cliff homes from 500 years ago, providing you an idea of exactly how the natives lived. 

Of course, the final attraction is the Roosevelt Dam, one of the world’s largest masonry dams. Named after Theodore Roosevelt, the dam keeps the sink of the Sun gave with water. 

We expect you delighted in our perform of places to take it day trips v your children. Are there any that we right here at Crème de la Crème the Mesa, AZ. Did not put on the perform you love? please send us a note and let us know! us love day trips the end to beautiful locations in ours area.