Rizado, encrespado, ensortijado, chino...Curly and frizzy are various words in English. Trying to uncover the exact same in Spanish.

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We're curly girls at home, and I have the right to tell mine daughter in English, because that instance, "If girlfriend touch her curly hair too much, it will obtain frizzy," or, "We format our curly hair once it's wet so it doesn't get frizzy."

I have actually yet to find how to say things favor this in Spanish; the same words seem to connote both. However curly is no the exact same as frizzy, so I'm a tiny stumped and surprised i haven't discovered a word come express this. Any aid would be lot appreciated.

In Mexico curly hair is one of two people "pelo rizado" or "pelo chino. Frizzy deserve to either be just "frizz" prefer "pelo con frizz" o "pelo frizado" or "pelo encrespado"

Edit: Typo

Curly = Pelo enrulado o pelo con rulos.

Frizzy = Pelo encrespado o pelo con frizz.

Wavy hair = Pelo ondeado.

Crespo is used when describing someone through curly hair, together in, él es crespo.

Here I've never ever heard someone describing hair together "chino".

En Colombia:

Curly: crespo, rizado. Frizzy: con frizz, lleno de frizz, esponjado.

Las frases ras traduciría así: "Si tocas demasiado el pelo crespo, se va a llenar de frizz" y "Peinamos nuestro cabello rizado cuando está mojado para que no se esponje".

I'll answer through the spanish that a specific component of Colombia (caribbean coast), so don't death me:

Wavy hair= pelo ondulado Curly hair= pelo rizado "pelo crespo" is something favor this when it's as well curly, sufficient to make small tubes, climate it's "pelo churco". Frizzy hair would be "pelo hosco"/"pelo esponjado" because that a regular name, and "pelo de coño/pelo de chucha/pelo de pendejo/pelo malo" for a pejorete name.

In Spain, it's pelo encrespado:


Yo no entiendo de pelo, pero creo que un pelo encrespado no es un pelo frizzy. Una cosa es tener el pelo muy rizado (frizzy) y otra encrespado, o sea, roto, hecho una pena, áspero. Aquí en Canarias decimos eso cuando alguien tiene el pelo como el pelo de un cerdo, pelo duro y tieso.

Pero ya digo, lo mío no es el conocimiento sobre los tipos de pelo.

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