On The actual Housewives the Atlanta Season 9 episode 4, tensions continued to flare up and also it brought about some much more awkward arguments between them. 


We picked up through Cynthia Bailey, who was trying her finest to get Noelle to come to be a design for Cynthia\"s new line of handbags. Noelle acted choose she go not desire to be at the event and also this annoyed she mother.

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If you clock The genuine Housewives the Atlanta online, you already know the Cynthia is no one to placed up through Noelle acting out of line. 

Leon Robinson proved up in ~ the event and also took the females in his life the end to dinner. Noelle decided it was time come depart for a concert, leave Cynthia to open up around her divorce. 

All she seemed concerned with to be backing increase her partnership to him. Yikes. 

Elsewhere, Sheree i agree to have dinner v her ex, Bob. Sheree to be still really much against him, yet she spoke to him at the request of her children. 


He walk apologize because that everything, and this changed the ton of the whole dinner. Sheree to be visibly impressed the he in reality stepped up. 

After that, Phaedra feeling the have to bring all of the ladies with each other for a charity occasion for the kids of Flint. The drama kicked off once Kenya had actually the audacity to blame the hit on Sheree. 

She was annoyed around the truth that Sheree to be still dragging it out. 

\"You called me a ho once everyone knows that you\"ve to be the greatest ho in Hollywood!\" Sheree said.


\"Everyone to know you f--ked half of Hollywood,\" she added.

The bickering continued until Kandi said them to shut the down. She didn\"t desire their mother being brought into it. Rightfully so. 

The women really need to prosper up before it\"s also late for them to have a friendship with one another. 

After that, Kandi was open up with her mother around Block\"s girlfriend getting here to she party around getting him ago in Riley\"s life. Kandi\"s main worry was that he never paid son support to her. 


Her mommy thought the best course of action would be for Kandi to acquire on the news and also expose Block, however she currently covered exposing him when the Bravo cameras were around. 

When Kandi got to out to her ex, that was really rude about the entirety situation. He claimed he was no willing to monitor Riley. 

It\"s all very bizarre, yet I\"m sure we\"ll get more clarity in the coming weeks. 

What execute you think about all that this?

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You best hope nothing happens to me, since you might not have actually a job. I\"m her storyline. Ns sustain her career . . . I developed you, so stop playing games.

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\"You a sneaky, trifling slut.\"

Phaedra Parks Added: might 05, 2014
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