Thanksgiving Song

With Thanksgiving falling just a couple of short weeks ~ an choice that had everyone feuding, many civilization are stressed about the upcoming holiday. That’s wherein the hilarious Holderness Family concerns the rescue v a funny Thanksgiving track designed come defuse the political tension.

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The lyrics, when funny, organize the basic message that ‘why can’t us all just acquire along?’ “Because everyone’s mad, and also it’s gonna acquire bad, so how’re we gonna resolve that? sometimes you’ve gotta say, ‘Welcome to my couch!"”

“Welcome to my couch. I’ll be watching football. I like concussions over these discussions.” dad penn Holderness sings.

In the video, lock poke funny at the uncomfortable moments around the dinner table and also offer several alternative topics to save the tranquility including, city hall football, discussing the Brangelina breakup, chatting around the return the TV display ’24’ or debating the attributes on the iphone 7.

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