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published at 12th of might 2019 2:31 pmVolume 23, Afterword

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This is the 2nd volume that the last arc. Hello, this is Ishibumi Ichiei.

The story this time to be centred ~ above Asia, Xenovia, and also Irina and their future assures with Issei. I think that some descriptions space still inadequate, but please proceed to pay fist to their connection with Issei from now on. Well, although this is the final arc, this is similar to volume twenty 2 in keeping the initial emotion of DxD, and the remainder of the last arc will certainly be written in a comparable fashion. Following is a comment on volume twenty three.

— the development of the high-class evil one Issei and also the president of the Occult research Club Asia

This time, fairly than fighting, over there was more focus top top youth in sports. For this reason far, I’ve constantly written around Issei’s physical growth, so I’ve focused on the mental aspect this time and also described his development as a senior high college student. If planning the final arc, i had already decided to have actually Issei lose one time, however in the regard, a plain loss would have been meaningless. So the advance of the story affiliated the mental development of both Issei and Asia, and their future development.

A year ago, Issei tasted defeat in a game and felt disappointed after dealing with a formidable opponent. A year later, dealing with those who have experienced the same defeat, he construed the disappointment of his junior and also subordinate, therefore Issei claimed something that Rias and also Azazel generally would have said, and this permits readers to feel his growth.

team, about the brand-new members

First is Elmenhilde. Since I had long wanted a vampire girl who favored Issei to be in the group, I spent a long time however I’ve lastly written it. From now on, please take treatment of Elme!

Next is Nakiri Kouchin Ouryuu. In reality, he and Millarca use their phones (which need to now it is in smartphones) as the male and also female protagonists in Ajuka’s ‘Game’ (Ajuka and Tiamat are likewise important characters). But the related setup is still no in perfect shape, therefore their personalities have showed up in DxD first. Nakiri and Millarca’s story will certainly be released in the future. That course, Issei and also the others will additionally appear. Please patiently wait. The is not the protagonist in DxD, however a supporting character that respects Issei from the bottom that his heart.

Bina and also Mr. Black’s true identities, as well as the enhancement of Roygun and His Eminence into the battle!

First off, the true identities the the that the team Bina Lessthan and the that Rias’ team Mr. Black color have ultimately been revealed. I’m certain some readers would have actually guessed the already. There are still numerous mysteries bordering Grayfia’s actions. They will be explained one by one in the future. Secondly, Strada has joined Rias’ team. Due to the fact that he was too strong, ns didn’t initially intend to have actually him re-appear in the main volumes…but it would certainly actually it seems to be ~ unnatural if he didn’t participate as soon as there to be god-class beings participating in this exciting tournament, therefore I decided to let that join. Last is Roygun Belphegor who approached Issei because she want to end up being his vassal. Issei is beginning to come to be surrounded by onee-samas filled v charm choose Grayfia, Tiamat, and Roygun.

team, regarding Dulio and also Rudiger Rosenkreutz

This time, i was lastly able to introduce the Aces of the reincarnated Angels. Aside from Irina, the group of three Aces will certainly occasionally display their encounters in the future.

—The football player of Dulio’s team didn’t fall regardless of seeing uniforms being ripped apart, castle are powerful warriors who have undergone strict training, therefore although they room troubled by it, that is very difficult for castle to in reality fall. Irina…perhaps she still demands a the majority of training.

Appearing together the supervisor, Rudiger had currently appeared as soon as as the referee throughout the battle between Gremory and Bael in volume ten. He has constantly been a frequent topic of discussion ever since his debut. Ns was ultimately able to finish his introduction this time.

As because that the Rating Games, ns think there are still numerous contradictions and loopholes due to the fact that I wrote an extremely energetically, so I would be grateful if reader don’t mental the details too much.

Acknowledgements and future developments!

Next room my acknowledgements. Miyama-zero-sama, Editor T-sama, I’ve been in your treatment every time! The upcoming twenty fourth volume is the last volume the the Tournament’s preliminaries. There space terrifying groupings favor Rias’ team VS Vali’s team, and Issei’s team VS the next Generation cook God’s Alliance team! After these two games conclude, the Tournament will officially move into the last knockout competition.

The next book to be exit is volume twenty four…I really want to say that, however it will certainly be DX4. But, volume DX4 which will certainly be top top sale next is a special new story together it will involve the ‘Sairaorg team VS Cao Cao team’ chapter and also the ‘Sekiryuutei of Blazing reality team VS Sitri team’ chapter, two particularly special chapters!

The occasions occur in between volume twenty three, therefore it could in truth be considered to be volume 23.5. This will certainly not be a youth sporting activities volume, however one in i m sorry hot-blooded battles are the main theme. It will be a confrontation of power and technique as well as a showdown in between the old and new Student Council. —Of course, if it to be only around battles, then it would be a little monotonous, so if over there is quiet room, the normal flirtatious day-to-day life that DX will additionally be included. Although the is part of the DX series, volume DX4 can likewise be viewed as component of the key series, therefore please stay tuned!

Translator"s Notes and References

1. ↑ –senshu is one honorific offered to describe a player or contestant.

2. ↑ –shi is a official honorific used when the speak is unfamiliar with the person that they space referring to.

3. ↑ –ojou-sama is usually provided to refer to a noble, high-class young lady.

4. ↑ Asia seems to stutter and mispronounce a couple of words.

5. ↑ This is the term used originally, for this reason I’ve kept it. Spartan in this sense means something along the currently of a strict, military-style education.

6. ↑ about fifty square metres. That’s 5 hundred and thirty eight feet because that the Americans.

7. ↑ her voice is inaudible during the ellipses, despite you have the right to guess what she to be saying.

8. ↑ alternative reading is: Joker the Heaven.

9. ↑ reference to the quick story licensed has been granted “Nekomata☆Ninja-Scroll” in DX.2 Life.5.

10. ↑ Kanji to be Miniature Garden that Blue Innovation.

11. ↑ Kanji to be Ultimate Karma.

12. ↑ Kanji to be Sekiryuutei.

13. ↑ The kanji because that Ouryuu is precise ‘Yellow Dragon’.

14. ↑ Usually offered as slang or informally to describe an larger brother.

15. ↑ supposedly paisen is slang for senpai/senior.

16. ↑ In timeless Chinese culture, that is thought to be the turn life pressure or energy that is thought to be natural in all things.

17. ↑ Kanji to be Saint’s Trial.

18. ↑ Kanji was restoration from the healing Saint.

19. ↑ Kanji to be Salvation from Fourteen heal Saints.

20. ↑ Kanji was Saint’s Trial and also Next Trial.

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21. ↑ It would certainly be pronounced as ‘Dress break D D’, not double D. The kanji was dress Break・Dragon God Style.