In this Brightwing construct Guide, we carry out an overview of she strengths, abilities, talents and also matchups.

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In this Uther develop Guide, we administer an synopsis of his strengths, abilities, talents and also matchups.
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In this Junkrat build Guide, we provide an outline of his strengths, abilities, talents and also matchups.


Junkrat is a powerful ranged Assassin the brings a unique kit to Heroes of the Storm. If he greatly plays the same as in Overwatch, his change to the Nexus ensures he brings a good deal that value.

As he's free to fire lot of projectiles almost everywhere he chooses, Junkrat is in a powerful position come harass, poke, and deal damages to opponents who think they’re safe. His ability to ricochet his Frag Launcher grenades additionally lends itself to part high-skill maneuvers.

What’s evident when facing versus Junkrat is just exactly how frustrating he is to transaction with. His mix of AOE explosions and zoning potential in Concussion Mine and Steel Trap permits him to bombard enemies with loved one ease. That can regularly escape thanks to the huge knock-back Concussion Mine provides, if both that his Heroic ability offer huge AOE damage.

In the appropriate hands Junkrat is capable of dealing superior damage and also even as soon as his abilities space on cooldown - in spite of his short simple attack variety - he can still deal far-ranging AOE damage. Just be conscious of the truth that without Concussion Mine, he’s extremely vulnerable to mobile, dive heavy compositions.



Exceptional zoning potential

No genuine defence exterior of Concussion Mine

Frag Launcher offers terrific harrassment

Steel catch takes a while come arm

Capable of handle very an excellent damage

His Trait just brings value as soon as he's dead

His short range straightforward attacks still transaction AOE damage

Frag Launcher takes exercise to aim properly

Excels in team encounters when adversaries are clumped together

Doesn't excel at mobile play



Total chaos (Trait) - As a leaving present when Junkrat is killed, full Mayhem transaction massive damages to those around his corpse. In ~ level 20, if every 5 grenades explode versus a Hero, it transaction 2850. In most instances that's an ext than enough damages to take it someone to the grave with you, but with a minor delay before the explosion, expert players deserve to anticipate your death and also the reduce explosives. Ideally, if you're about to dice be sure to relocate in amongst the enemy and their team so the they take damage, or are compelled to scatter.



Frag Launcher (Q) - The variety of Frag Launcher charges easily accessible to Junkrat is shown under his health and wellness bar. With 4 free-firing shots (all of i beg your pardon recharge at the exact same time), the grenades will certainly instantly explode upon call with an enemy, or reaching their preferably distance. If friend can, it's fine worth hitting the try Mode to exercise Frag Launcher without cooldowns, as knowledge the firing mechanism and also the bounce/richochet mechanic can take some acquiring used to. It's necessary to remember that the final suggest on the telegraph is the landing destination, and also the beginning of it is the first bounce. Together a direct projectile, your fired grenades are conveniently avoided but can it is in fired quickly, enabling you to bombard an area with back-to-back attacks.


Concussion Mine (W) - as your only kind of defence (Steel catch is fairly easy come avoid), Concussion Mine deserve to be thrown and also instantly detonated come knock you and also all adversaries back. Once cast, friend detonate the Concussion Mine by pushing your properties ("D"). Junkrat does no take damage when struck by his own mine, so it serves as an invaluable method of escape together the knock-back is reasonably huge. If you're top top the inside edge the the mine, you'll it is in knocked backwards. If you're ~ above the external edge, you'll it is in knocked backwards. Expert Junkrat players can use Concussion Mine aggressively not simply to disrupt opponents, yet to additionally have one fired towards the opponent team. Cast quickly, friend can regularly bump an opponent massively the end of position so that you and your team deserve to spike them under (ideally, ~ above or close to a stole Trap).


Steel trap (E) - through a lengthy delay, stole Trap's worth is in its straightforward zoning potential. When Junkrat skirts around it, he's for sure in the expertise that anyone who comes near him is required to avoid its jaws. Unsurprisingly, Steel trap is also valuable when offered in hidden areas (bushes or vents) and also on an target (such together on Cursed Hollow). If friend can, shot to conserve all four charges the Frag Launcher so that once you perform root one opponent, you deserve to instantly unload all 4 grenads against them - followed by a Concussion Mine.


RIP-Tire (R) - Junkrat is vulnerable while steering RIP-Tire, for this reason it's important to actors it in ~ a safe location. Through the capacity to jump over terrain by pressing "Q", you need to quickly reach your target(s) and also detonate the tire prior to it expires. It's likewise important to note that RIP-Tire can be killed by opponents, particularly if they instantly focus it through rapid an easy attacks. If girlfriend can method enemies from a location they aren't anticipating, v use that its jump, girlfriend can regularly snag multiple football player at once. Be certain to detonate RIP-Tire as quickly as many players room in that radius, ideally with number of as close come the tire together possible. 


Rocket Ride (R) - My preferred Heroic simply due to the fact that it's far more reliable 보다 RIP-Tire, Rocket Ride allows Junkrat to remove himself from play, ride under on adversaries from above, and also deal massive damages to those in the radius. After the impact damage, Junkrat activates his Trait because that even more damage come anyone left in that is vicinity. Back Junkrat reappears at the hall of Storms when having actually activated his Heroic, the gains considerably increased activity speed, permitting him come zip earlier in no time (often in a better location). If friend can, shot to constantly charge Rocket ride early and land ~ above the enemies back-line for maximum


Level 1: put Some English on It

Put some English on It permits Junkrat to obtain 50% enhanced travel distance of Frag Launcher. Enabling him come bombard indigenous much additional away, the increased distance enables Junkrat come poke through ease, without fear of gift dived through the opposition. It's also particularly powerful on Battleground's which call for Objective interaction, such together Cursed hole or Towers of Doom.

Level 4: Taste because that Explosions

Due to Junkrat's dependency on Frag Launcher for the bulk of his damage, Taste for Explosions is a no-brainer. Allowing Junkrat to increase its damages by 0.50 for every grenade he lands against a Hero, the full bonus is far-reaching (especially considering he has 4 grenades available).

Variable: If ~ pure zoning potential, take Gotta catch 'Em All! The quest Talent permits Junkrat to get 3 fees of Steel trap after rooting 8 Heroes. As soon as fighting end an Objective and also if Junkrat it s okay there first, three Steel catch proves incredibly powerful.

Level 7: Tricky Shuffles

Due come Junkrat's lack of mobility there is no Concussion Grenade, and also considering the reality he regularly unloads all his grenades native Frag Launcher very quickly, the motion speed bonus the Tricky Shuffles is significant. 15% doesn't sound a lot, yet it enables Junkrat to reposition through speed, escape many Heroes and generally cause much more of a nuisance in between his Frag Launcher down-time.

Variable: If you've taken Gotta catch 'Em All! (4), grab Big As here. 3 Steel catch that have actually a 50% bigger radius, and which deal 50% increased is a substantial amount of AOE zoning pressure.

Level 10: RIP-Tire

RIP-Tire does leaving Junkrat vulnerable, but it's the ideal of his 2 Heroics. Supplying high damage, one AOE knockback and also dealing enough pain come wipe any type of team that's short health, it's undeniably strong. Ideally, use RIP-Tire together late as possible, and at maximum street to not leave yourself exposed.

Level 13: Bogged Down

Bogged Down permits Junkrat's Concussion Mine to sluggish all enemies hit through 60% because that 2 seconds. Considering the distance Concussion Mine knocks opponents back, the buys Junkrat and his team significant time prior to the adversary arrive earlier into a fight. Bogged down is also wonderful when friend knock an foe Hero into your team: the slow nearly certainly ensures their death.

Variable: If you've take away Steel trap Talents in ~ 4 and also 7, pick Chattering Teeth. Your lot of empowered stole Traps will currently chase enemy Heroes down who gain close to them: an extremely annoying to transaction with.

Level 16: countless Nades

Endless Nades gives Junkrat with the capacity to reduced the cooldown on his Frag Launcher through 1.5 secs every time he access time a Hero. Considering a single grenade have the right to hit multiple Heroes, and also trigger the effect, it ensures Junkrat constantly has Frag Launcher (as long as you have the right to aim!).

Level 20: Cannonball

Variable: Cannonball! provides an enhanced explosion radius on your straightforward attacks and Frag Launcher, and ensures you can pressure football player without automatically landing all your attacks versus them.


This list of tips and also tricks are simply a grasp of things we think will assist your Junkrat play. We'll proceed to add to the list as required and also if girlfriend have any type of tips you'd like to share, allow us know in the comment below and also we'll place them here. 

1. Always ensure that when you're around to die, you hug an adversary Hero. You want your falling explosives to deal some damage to them.

2. Junkrat deserve to move and cast every his basic abilities: you don't have to remain stationary.

3. Although the doesn't state it, Junkrat's an easy attacks deal 100% AOE damage. This renders Junkrat exceptional for clearing waves - don't waste her Frag Flauncher's grenades.

4. Frag Laucher and also its grenades all return at the very same time. Be certain to expel all her grenades prior to the recharge timer. 

5. With her Frag Launcher grenades exploding versus the very first enemy hit, try to always have castle bounce end the enemy front-line so that they struggle the back.

6. The variety of Charges obtainable in her Frag Launcher are presented under your health. 

7. Sometimes it's worth progressively poking with Frag Launcher to push an foe team over time. This can create a many pressure for the adversary team and also their Support. 

8. If you've an energetic Steel Trap, conserve your Frag Launcher ammunition (or few of it) so that you deserve to land multiple grenades instantly against a target.

9. Don't forget that you have the right to richochet her grenades indigenous Frag Launcher. That takes a many practice to perfect this, but it's invaluable when picking turn off a Hero that thinks they're safe. 

10. Concussion Mine has a substantial cooldown. Don't garbage it just to hit someone earlier just because that the services of it, as you'll be delicate for a fair amount that time until it's all set again. 

11. It's worth conserving Concussion Mine to escape foe Heroes if you're caught out the position. The knock-back is large and gaurentees her escape. 

12. Practice knocking foe Heroes in the direction of you in try Mode. If you can perfect it, girlfriend can frequently pick-out an enemy Hero for your team to dive on.

13. Steel Trap has a lengthy arm time, but because you can cast it while relocating it's precious throwing under if you're under pressure. 

14. Steel trap doesn't have a radius indicator (I've no idea why!). 

15. Try to location Steel catch in places where adversary Heroes are most likely to walk. You want to protect against them getting to you, or from choosing routes that offer them an advantage to attack. 

16. If you dice as Junkrat while making use of RIP-Tire, your tire will certainly die v you. 

17. RIP-Tire transaction three solved values of damage based on the proximity enemies are to the facility of the explosion. Always try to obtain as close to as feasible to a high worth target prior to you detonate.

18. Remember the Heroes such as Valla or Raynor can make light job-related of RIP-Tire if they see it coming: select angles of strike from unexpected areas.

19. Rocket Ride provides Invulnerability for virtually 2 secs after you've jumped onboard. 

20. The motion speed bonus of Rocket drive isn't clear on the tool-tip, yet the 150% movement speed bonus is on height of her base 100% motion speed (+250% activity speed).

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