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Product Name: heaven Official\"s Blessing Xie Lian: His Highness that Pleased the god Ver. 1/7 scale Figure

Series: sky Official's BlessingManufacturer: an excellent Smile arts ShanghaiSculptor: Kamui (GSAS)Specifications: Painted 1/7 scale ABS & PVC figure with baseHeight (approx.): 355 mm | 14\"

Order Limit: 3 per person

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\"I want to save the common people!\"From an excellent Smile arts Shanghai comes the Crown Prince the Xianle, Xie Lian, from the famous anime collection Heaven Official's Blessing based on Mo Xiang Tong Xiu’s internet novel together a 1/7 scale figure! Sculpted by Kamui in ~ a elevation of 14”, the stunningly comprehensive figure features Xie Lian stop a knife in one hand and also flowers in the other as he provides a refined, charming gaze. His flow outfit and hair have actually been carefully sculpted to catch dynamic movement, and his miscellaneous ornaments consisting of his headpiece have been recreated in elaborate detail. That floats atop a flower basic to finish the atmosphere. Bring His royal Highness to your collection!

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