Soothe muscle ache and also arthritic pain through the® heating Pad with Digital LED Controller. Effectively delivers warmth therapy because that relief of muscle pain and also discomfort.

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This therapeutic heating pad helps arthritic pain and everyday muscle sick fade away. Ultra-soft architecture creates extra comfort during heat application. Contains a practically 2-hour auto-off and also an extra lengthy power cord. Deserve to be supplied with dried or moist heat. Moist heat option provides more relief and also deeper penetrating heat. Merely dampen one side of the pad v water and also apply to affected area.
Ultra-soft, totally washable padDigital LED controller4-heat settings2-hour auto-off9-foot strength cord5-year limited warranty
Rated 1 out of5 byAly82 indigenous Dreaded Flashing Red LightWhen I first bought this heater pad it was great - until - I got the very same flashing red light the is discussed so generally on here.I have actually tried troubleshooting - ns unplug and plug it ago in, when I do that i am happy if it also heats up because that 5 minutes before the red flashing light come on. Therefore - uneven I want to continually sit in ~ the plug in and unplug/plug it ago it - this thing has been rendered useless. As someone who gets poor cramps and has some joint pain as result of a health and wellness condition, not having actually a functioning warmth pad deserve to mean the difference in between an okay night the sleep, or small sleep at all.Extremely disappointed.
Rated 2 out of5 byKAMC fromFails quicklyI purchase this heating pad less than a year ago. Soon after, I started having difficulties with it transforming off and the red light blinking. This is an ongoing problem, I try to usage it and then it stops heating and also blinks red. There room times currently where the is off, not in use but plugged in, and it will begin blinking red. Every time it has to be unplugged and also plugged earlier in. As soon as it works, itnis my favourite heating pad, nice coverage v the large size, no bulky wires, and also the temperature range is great. However, having to constantly acquire up and also unplug it and also plug it back in renders it useless.
Rated 1 the end of5 byjradooos fromTemporaryDisappointed since I received this heater pad as a present for Christmas last year and now it doesn\"t occupational at all. My cramps in my lower earlier are very severe and the heating pad was my go to. A couple of months ago, the height light would certainly flash red and not warm up. Ns looked it increase online and also managed to deal with the difficulty by unplugging the strength adapter and also the outlet. That worked for a while. However, currently it only flashes red and also doesn\"t warmth up and when I perform the reset point it tho doesn\"t work. Appears to job-related well for less than a year. Too expensive because that such a short amount that time.
Rated 2 the end of5 byBJensen fromGreat heat, brief product life.I\"ve had this heater pad for around a year (bought so late 2013) and also a half, i bought this one because it to be soft and comparable in function to my previous heater pad (which was bought in ~ the bay in the so late 60\"s... And also finally stopped working 40+ years later).Unfortunately the heating pad started having actually a red blinking light in beforehand 2015. Unplugging the pad native the cord seemed to settle this difficulty temporarily, yet it preserved coming back.Now it\"s simply dead, no lights work, no warm is produced and it\"s been tried on lot of sockets.If you\"re willing to change you heating pad every pair of years then this one is great.Unfortunately if you need it for chronic pain ns wouldn\"t imply this, as it seemed to quit at among the worst feasible times.
Rated 1 out of5 byschmoozequeen fromNot worth the Money!Great plush, LED control yet life that pad isn\"t also a year! Why have actually a 5 year vouch on a product which doesn\"t even last one year? Purchased virtual from this website I believe. Bought a replacement at Walmart because that $34.99. The replacement has actually a crinkling plastic sound i m sorry was not on the old one. Also it doesn\"t remain hot really long. When a product is for this reason poorly rated (huge percentage provide it 1-star) you would certainly think the manufacturer would perform something about this!
Rated 1 out of5 byannefan73 fromWorst product ever!In the past three years, i have had actually to purchase 4 that these heating pads. Castle don\"t last much more than 6-months! I simply bought a new one this evening & when I carried it home, the was currently defective! The store close to me that sells heating pads just sells the ones for this reason so ns don\"t have a choice but to save buying these & they constantly disappoint. When they work, they\"re great, but they don\"t job-related for long! ns need warm on my ago to have the ability to walk & till the store opens up tomorrow I have nothing.

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Rated 1 the end of5 byNicole88 fromVery DisappointedI bought this two months ago because the seemed similar to mine old heater pad the used really often because that at the very least five before it died, the was also But this heating pad doesn\"t it seems to be ~ to get as warm. It will be really warm for around ten minutes and also then remarkable cool down. Now simply two months later there is a blinking red light and it doesn\"t job-related at all. I usage my heater pad every day since of chronic earlier pain.
Rated 1 the end of5 byDisappointing fromFLASHING RED LIGHTDidn\"t also have it for a full year and also the RED FLASHING irradiate is happening. Guess we should\"ve viewed the site prior to we purchased. We\"ve had actually a heater pad in the previous that last plenty of many years guess things are not made like they usage to be. :-(
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