The first time I observed a premium card I thought that the was like that because it to be a legendary card. Choose this:

But I found that legend cards have a "normal" version:


I believed that possibly it might be explained cause the game is in beta. Like, the normal one to be the an initial version the a legend Card, 보다 they ended up being a little much more detailed. But searching a little more I uncovered this:


How deserve to I obtain this type of card?



The Gamepedia article on Hearthstone card rarity describes gold cards this way:

Cards in ~ the 4 an easy rarities described over can have actually a possibility of being derived with a gold border with custom arts animation. Yellow cards carry out not show up frequently, and also therefore add to the rarity that a card. Yellow cards can also be crafted through Arcane Dust for ten/eight/four/two time the normal expense of the map (in order of rarity). Gold Cards are frequently compared with "foil" cards that other species of trade Card games (TCGs).

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So basically, expert collection gold cards drop randomly as soon as opening package or can be crafted. Additionally as indicated in this question and also answer straightforward gold cards (which cannot be crafted) are earned by leveling heroes.



Golden Cards in Hearthstone have the right to be obtained from booster packs (more rare than typical cards)and room awarded indigenous placing fine (7 or more wins) in a ring of Arena Mode. Friend can also get golden basic cards from progressing high sufficient with a details class level, so part are totally free as leveling rewards. You have the right to craft them with dust, however they price much more than the regular equivalent. They likewise disenchant into much more dust together well.

I composed a article for beginner tips for grinding gold and also unlocking cards at package in Hearthstone, due to the fact that I"ve been playing since the very first day of the Beta.

Check the end my gold tips post here:

Hearthstone advice For grinding Gold & Earning Packs


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