He-Man's initial Cartoon Was virtually Followed by a series Set in the past of Eternia In the recent TV Legends Revealed, discover the sequel to He-Man that was virtually released in the 1980s set in the past of Eternia.

TV urban LEGEND: over there was nearly a sequel to the initial Masters that the Universe collection in the so late 1980s collection in the previous of Eternia (Preternia) starring a miracle hero known as He-Ro.

In one of the an initial TV Legends Revealed ns did in this collection of He-Man functions (of which this is the last one, a full month"s precious of He-Man-related legends!), i wrote about how Mattel and Filmation take it a rest in the late 1980s indigenous He-Man and also the master of the Universe. The reason for the break, together I explained, is that things in the civilization of He-Man rotate pear shape an extremely quickly.

The Mattel toyline and also its tie-in Filmation animated series followed the the adventures of the heroic He-Man and also his allies matches the villainous Skeletor and his minions set against the backdrop of the mystical planet recognized as Eternia. The collection was very popular and also the toy heat did INSANE numbers. However like Icarus flying also close come the sun (or really, pretty lot every other renowned toy line ever. I have this good article indigenous the new York time circa 1982 that"s all about how Strawberry Shortcake will never NOT be popular. Toy lines the get popular super easily tend to have an inflated sense of just just how much the human being is relying top top them. Sort of prefer a J. Alfred Prufrock kind of "Dare i eat a peach?" deal), the toy heat melted horrifically in 1987, going native $400 million in sales come $7 million in a solitary year in between 1986 and also 1987.

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As I mentioned in that previously mentioned TV Legend, Mattel and Filmation felt the oversaturation was the main culprit, so the pulled back in 1988 and waited a totality year before trying to wring that sector out again with a new 1989 He-Man toy line the tied in v the 1990 man series, The brand-new Adventures that He-Man, whereby a slimmed under He-Man travel to an additional world to have more science-fiction centric adventures...

However, prior to Mattel knew that things were going terribly, the company very first had a entirety other arrangement for the He-Man toyline in ar that had only simply begun prior to things dropped apart. The ide was going to be called The strength of Grayskull and also it would star a character recognized as He-Ro and also it would certainly be collection in the old past of Eternia (Preternia). Now why would this it is in the case?

One word.


Yes, Mattel thought, "Hey, kids love He-Man and also they love dinosaurs, therefore why not integrate the two?"

That was the concept behind Powers the Grayskull, i beg your pardon would have actually a new line the heroes compatible through the previous line of He-Man toys, but additionally a entirety pile of dinosaur-themed toys.

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here is the prototype number for He-Ro (thanks come the battle Ram Blog because that the images. Examine out that site for an detailed look in ~ this failed heat of toys).

The fascinating thing around this failure toyline is that you rarely obtain to view the great amount of work and effort the a toy agency puts into a new toyline and also just check out it go NOWHERE. This was plainly going to acquire a big push, yet when He-Man sales plummeted, in large part since toy stores felt the Mattel to be oversaturating the sector (you know, a brand-new wave that He-Man toys before people had purchased all of the ahead wave and also the new wave, the course, makes the previous wave seem "outdated" and also thus also harder to move), Mattel realized the they couldn"t just include a whole brand-new line that tie-in toys, regardless of the truth that they had been planning this since early 1985!

They sent out catalogs to toy sellers advertising this new line and also they sent a license kit (so they clearly thought that THIS to be going to it is in big). Here is just how He-Ro is explained (Gray is his mystery identity, like Prince Adam because that He-Man):

Reared under the tutelage that his mentor, ELDOR, and the lack chieftess, Sharella, Gray was sooner or later mysteriously drawn to a surrounding cave. There, in darkness and also in light, he was invested v the newly evolved powers that would readjust his his life and alter the food of background in Eternia. The precise details of what transpired in that cave have remained secret, yet Eldor has made cryptic allusions…references come the boy’s mysterious past, to an amazing legacy… and an awesome job which Gray accomplished that work in the cave. By put one hand top top his heart, flexing the other arm into a muscle and incanting, “Magic and also strength…tempered by heart!” Gray reasons an amazing transformation to occur, coming to be the He-Ro the Grayskull and announcing, “I was standing for Peace!”

They also went for this reason far as to introduce a mini-comic setup up He-Ro by sending out He-Man and The Sorceress ago in time and the mini-comic (the LAST initial mini-comic released in the 1980s) collection up the secret of He-Ro...

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In addition, Filmation to be going to gain in ~ above this, together well, and also they walk a series bible because that an animated collection called Hero and also the land of Legend.

That, that course, was likewise squelched as soon as Mattel dropped the toy line (although Mattel did relax a few of the dinosaurs as component of the He-Man toy line). Amusingly, though, as you deserve to see native the use of the name He-Ro, that was the name of Filmation"s effort to carry out a sequel series to Masters of the Universe focused on He-Man"s SON called He-Ro. And also the ideas of He-Ro together He-Man"s kid ultimately came to be the basis because that the Adventures of He-Man series, just with He-Man in ar of his theoretical son. Companies prefer Filmation knew to always shot to reuse whatever good idea girlfriend come up with!

The legend is...


Thanks to the fight Ram Blog for the amazingly detailed look at He-Ro!

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