"Haikyuu!!" Season 3 illustration 10, which is the last episode, titled "The Volleyball Idiots" just aired. Discover out exactly how Karasuno won and what happens beside the team. Photo : TheNarutoOP/YouTube

“Haikyuu!!” Season 3 has actually just aired that 10th and also the last episode titled “The Volleyball Idiots”. It focused on the last couple of moments that the final collection of the match in between Karasuno High and also Shiratorizawa Academy. V the teams in a deuce, Karasuno right now leads, gaining them the match point 19-20.

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With Karasuno struggling as their stamina depletes and their legs finally reaching their limits, they offer their every in the last ball. Hinata Shoyo serves and also Kageyama Tobio exchanges place with that as quickly as Shiratorizawa receive the ball. The volleying it is long for 3 rounds with Shiratorizawa ruthlessly giving heavy attacks while Karasuno continued to recklessly get with the every oz of their strength.

Karasuno played a game plan, i beg your pardon Tsukishima Kei said them to do. Castle intended to totally block out Wakatoshi Ushijima’s assaults with three world to initiate their following strategy. The gameplay to be to entice out Ushijima the end of his lull zone and disrupt the flow in Shiratorizawa’s game.

In the last moment, Karasuno launches they synch strategy wherein every player positions because that a spike, confound the opponent and deceiving them v an unknown synchronized attack. Hinata spikes the ball, i beg your pardon Kageyama flawlessly sets. The assault went barely went v Shiratorizawa with one of the football player grazing the ball, which lock were no able to connect.

And there Karasuno take it the fifth and also final enhance with 19-21 and won the game, beating the ideal powerhouse volleyball team in the Miyagi region. Out of words, the Karasuno volleyball players, and their cheerers, to be in tears out of sheer delight for beating Shiratorizawa and also for qualifying for the nationals. In spite of that, the seems like Tsukishima was still unsatisfied with his performance and also silently vowed to provide a much better performance.

Shiratorizawa, top top the other hand, that did no doubt their strength was left in shock. They walk not intend to shed the match especially against Karasuno, who was just an inexperienced volleyball team that acquired through grueling matches with other powerhouses. The players of Shiratorizawa might not hold ago and in disbelief eventually broke down in tears, do not want to expropriate the reality that castle of every teams have actually been defeated and that this year, they will not be playing in the nationals.

Shiratorizawa’s Satori Tendo and Ushijima gets right into a deep talk around what just happened and also the latter admitted that in the last points that the last match, he was on fire launching attacks at Karasuno because he wanted to tell them the was stronger than any type of of the football player of Karasuno. Satori consoles that by telling him that such is not a childish thing to do. Satori more tells him the he will certainly be quitting volleyball after high school and also that he will be cheering on because that Ushijima, who will go after a career together a skilled volleyball player through the country’s national team.

Before heading out, Ushijima approaches Hinata and Kageyama and also told them that he will certainly defeat them following time. The 2 Karasuno players acknowledged Ushijima’s strength and took ~ above his challenge. The story headed on to display Karasuno preparing because that the nationals, which will certainly be held in Tokyo, as they placed up posters for donations and continued with their practices.

Meanwhile, Kageyama is all of sudden scouted come train for the nationwide Youth intensive Training Camp after gift spotted for his skills shown in ~ the recent televised match in between Karasuno and Shiratorizawa. Despite the whole team is excited about this opportunity, this might lead to Kageyama neglecting the team or also moving on to greener pasture.

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"Haikyuu!!" Season 3 end here and also an announcement has actually yet to be made even if it is or no “Haikyuu!!” will be getting one more season. There space rumors saying that a fourth season is being planned to relax in 2017.

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