A group of human being are thrown right into a fantasy people from i m sorry they cannot escape and must hit to discover a method to survive. Though comedic at times, the plot is reasonably serious and also focuses top top battles, life and also death, and the bonds between characters. Both are likewise by A-1 Pictures, so their art formats are somewhat similar.

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Both of this shows is the closest come each various other in similarities.1) Both room "trapped inside a game" anime.2) Both are tragedies, you will certainly feel the sadness. (unlike in log in Horizon; Grimgar beats log Horizon in this part)3) There might be romance. (mind you, we are still far from finishing Grimgar however there room hints).4) Survival; if girlfriend die, you die. (unlike in log in Horizon as soon as again).5) an extremely nice art and animation. (should i say "unlike in LH" again lol)(mind you, ns love LH, I'm just saying over there is a better candidate now on being close come SAO).
Game mechanics are crucial as the setup of the animes. They location importance on life or fatality in HP, and remain together a character's lifeline transparent the whole anime together a video game mechanic.The game's nature is fantasy. Swords and also magic skills are decided.
Have the same setup as it depicts a game-like world, and they're also stuck on the world but with no recollections of the real world.This is a an extremely underrated anime v the same setting as SAO with a mix of part of life.
Both collection see heroes unwillingly trapped in a online reality layout game the resembles a fantasy setup RPG game. Both have comparable style battles, weapons and also enemies.
Game choose worldsurvival the the fittestAmazing characters and also plot die in the game....you dice in real
Both are based approximately a RPG scenario and both touch on the grief of losing a friend and also having to confront a civilization where it's kill or it is in killed. Although knife Art virtual has an ext time to build a plot / character advance than Grimgar.
Portrays the ideals that individuals are put in one hostile environment where they learn to openly refer themselves together the warrior, magician, swordsman castle are. Learning new abilities and coming closer in partnership with one another

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Both of this anime are set in a digital MMO world, regardless of Grimgar never clearly stating this.Grimgar is shorter(being just 12 episodes), but places a greater emphasis on the breakthrough of every character when SAO focuses primarily on how much of an OP Kirito is. The being claimed both have actually an exceptional art style, SAO showcases good animation and Grimgar bring away a an ext stylistic (could be described as a watercolour meets anime) approach. Both anime have a good soundtrack, v SAO being the premium (case and point: cross Field).If you took pleasure in a story that revolves about a fantasy-meets-gaming setting, provide both a go.