The infamous debate of the mech epos Gurren Lagann vs the distinctive parody series Kill La Kill has gone on since the debut the KLK. The 2 series" were made by almost the specific same people, with Studio cause being formed from a group that left Gainax to go after their own goals, therefore it"s natural for the two to be compared. The Writer & the manager on these 2 anime space the same, together well.

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Which collection is considered to be more popular & took pleasure in in the Anime Amino community?!

This is the main question I want to find out, so leaving a VOTE under below, and also drop a COMMENT and tell me why girlfriend think one is higher than the other!


Gurren Lagann


Created through Studio Gainax in 2007, Lagann is a Mecha anime collection that complies with the misadventures of 2 brothers seeking an escape from your underground world!

Slowly climbing from below, gaining an ext allies, boosting the strength of the Gurren Lagann, and also seeking to pierce the heavens!

Humanity will certainly do whatever it have the right to to not be stomped earlier into the soil again, and also their target is come live a peaceful life over ground.

Filled through intense mech action, inspirational quotes, and also amazingly developed characters do Lagann among the most loved & respected stories in anime!


Kill La Kill


Created by Studio trigger in 2013, kill la kill is an action Parody collection that follows the journey of Ryuko together she searches because that the killer of she Father.

Starting off rather generic and also predictable, it"s story is just a straightforward setup to acquire into the insane action and hilarious parody sequences.

Ryuko will have to fight every student in her path at this fight School in bespeak to reach the mysterious Satsuki and also find out part answers.

Filled with insane over-the-top action, hilarious comedy moments, and fantastically fun characters; kill La death is a collection you one of two people absolutely love or don"t really treatment much for. Yet those that love it, yes, really DO! :D


Comparing the Two

Lagann vs KLK!



The two series" have actually a super similar style, I think one of Studio Trigger"s biggest goals ~ above being formed was to shot and keep their original animation & arts they created with Lagann.

The intuitive effects and also character design are really similar, yet I"d say KLK has the slight edge through a tiny bit much more polish ~ above its art.


The story definitely has to walk to Gurren Lagann. The plot of KLK is mainly there as a beginning point, to start the anime and kick turn off the action & hilarity.

Gurren Lagann has a pretty substantial plot, and the anime focuses on their main story from start to finish. Kill la kill does still have actually a story behind everything, and also it"s pretty fine done, yet Lagann takes this one.


Music & Opening(s)


Music is subjective, so it"s always hard to offer the edge to one collection over another. Peoples opinions will constantly be various with the subject of music.

Lagann has an awesome rock-rap OST and also a badass & catchy Opening!

While KLK has actually a super exaggeration soundtrack and two really good Openings!

Tough to to compare this one, friend can provide the edge to whichever you prefer; yet personally I"m providing them the tie~


Oh man, the personalities...

This is gonna it is in tough.

On one hand; Gurren Lagann has good characters spread out all throughout its anime, that gradually develop and also become great.

Kill La death on the various other hand; has great characters however they don"t construct much, they simply start and also remain phenomenal.

There"s definitely more memorable characters in Lagann, yet I"d to speak there"s much more enjoyable personalities in KLK.

Another close one, yet I"ll give the edge here to kill la Kill, because that me.


Entertainment (Action & Comedy)

The entertainment element is important the Hype and also Enjoyment category, and also this is definitely one more subjective topic; together which one you pick is for sure just a an individual preference.

Lagann is filled to the pure brim through badass mech action, quite solid comedy, hype moments, inspiration, feels, & more!

Kill La kill is jam packed through insane and unique action, side-splittingly hilarious comedy, tons of hype, a bit of mystery, & more!

Personally; the two space dead even in this category. They"re both to chat in their very own way!


And in Conclusion..!

Looking at the technical facets I just listed; then personally I"ll have to provide the success to death la Kill.

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I love both series" v a passion, they"re both in my optimal 10 anime, however I found KLK slightly much more enjoyable v its originality and hilarity.

I"m supervisor intrigued come know how YOU will make out through this decision, and what YOUR outcomes will be when comparing your technical elements like ns did above!

So make certain to fall me a COMMENT and also let me know all her thoughts top top these 2 animu that GREATNESS!