We’re finally getting right into the genuine stuff of this season currently that the petty drama is behind us. This is the episode wherein we acquire to see the consequences of Zoey getting cut off and also I’m right here for it. I wasn’t able to live tweet this episode yet I’m so all set for this recap.

Let’s acquire into it.

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We start off the episode through Zoey’s monologue around how poor things come in three. Sis really said she was “betrayed” by her finest friend and also boyfriend. Forever the drama queen.

Then she start talking about the cheating scandal and being cut off. After all that, she walk on around how she’s expecting she dad to send her a guilt gift to comprise for everything, just to discover her car getting towed.


Zoey tries texting her dad, Dre, and he responds v a series of NOPEs. Apparently, he doesn’t also love she anymore. Then as a setup B, she messages her mom, Bow. She speak Zoey the this is hurting Dre method more than it’s hurting her. Then Bow sends Zoey the Dre crying gif and also I to be sent. That’s a whole mood.

Zoey sits down with the twins and also Nomi come talk about her situation. Transforms out, she’s barely cut off. Her parents room still paying because that tuition, housing, and also books. It’s not that serious, sis.

Jazz and Sky tell Zoey to obtain a task in their cute tiny clapping way. She brings up the Zoey Johnson Styling Experience and they tell her to gain a genuine job. Nomi chimes in v this one and also Jazz phone call her the end on it.


The girls carry her to the job posting board and also suggest a few things she deserve to do. Zoey is exhilaration all high and also mighty, talking about how she can’t walk dog in Givenchy. Skies tells her she requirements to change her clothes and also fix she life. Then Zoey beginning talking around the espresso maker at teenager Vogue or whatever. She was acting favor such a brat.

Jazz suggests Zoey harvest she eggs. They’re offering twenty grand for it yet Zoey doesn’t think it’s precious it.

Vivek and also Doug’s friendship is honestly therefore cute. Lock really just out here. Vivek’s usually counting Doug’s calories, talking about how he wants him to take treatment of himself.


Aaron and Ana come over to to speak hi, post hook-up. Aaron calls the boys the end for their dry spells, i m sorry Doug denies. Vivek admits to his dried spell and also brings up the Titan Challenge. Ana hasn’t heard around the challenge before. Vivek explains that you’re no a real titan till you’ve smashed under the titan shield.

Luca gained Zoey a project at some high end salon and also she puts on her YSL heels come go. Talk around spoiled. Execute you know how much Yves Saint Lauren anything costs?!

Nomi, Jazz, and also Sky space chilling, having actually some flavored popcorn or something as soon as Zoey comes ago from her first day of work. Reportedly it’s likewise her last day. She got fired in the an initial four hours, wild.


Jazz and Sky lug up exactly how their cousin Speedy obtained fired ~ forty-five minutes working at Pep Boys. Their family members is something else. Nomi supplies Zoey the floor of dead to pour out the tea on just how she got fired.

Apparently, Zoey to be styling the mannequin as soon as she should have been folding, and also then refolding. Her boss was not a pan of Zoey’s comments and Zoey wasn’t a fan of her boss. She made the mistake of flipping the bird there is no realizing there to be a whole floor length mirror there. Needless come say, her ceo was not amused.

Jazz brings up the egg harvesting again, but Zoey’s still not down.

Aaron and also Ana inspect out the shield and all it’s funkyness. They have actually a setup to take on the Shield difficulty under the covering of night. Ana’s gonna be certain to lug sanitizer and also lots the hit.


Zoey got a job getting paid $25 an hour come sit in a box in a sparkly dress and also pink wig as human art. If she’s doing she weird arts thing, she clues Nomi do out with their old gender Studies professor.

Nomi and Zoey step external to talk around it. Zoey’s walk off about how wrong that is and Nomi calls Zoey the end on exactly how judgmental she is. Climate Zoey asks why it’s such a mystery in the very first place if there’s nothing wrong with them gift together. It’s a whole mess.

Zoey end up quitting the human art job. She brings in her textbooks to the bookstore because that some fast cash and Doug gives her $38 because that them. That was straight facts. University textbooks space a scam.

Zoey states she needs an ext money and Doug tells her the bookstore is hiring. She responds v “Ewww” and also he states he didn’t realize she was on her bougie tip. Doug tells her off around how she should have been doing her job rather of spring for quick cuts to the optimal in the very first place.


In the end, Zoey gets a job at the bookstore and also starts acquisition it seriously. She help a girl discover some cute tank tops while she’s in ~ it. Zoey sends out a photo of her working to her dad and he’s proud the her, but she’s still cut off.

Ana and Aaron ago out the the Shield Challenge. Castle head to Ana’s location to hookup instead. Because they didn’t gain to etch their initials under the shield, Aaron writes castle onto Ana’s lampshade. She gets super excited and tells him their pair name can be dual A. Aaron gets this weird look around it yet doesn’t let on.

The finish scene is Vivek trying to end his dry spell and also get the Shield an obstacle done. A girl actually provides to aid him out v it after ~ he states he’s ~ above the basketball team.



There were so countless parts of this episode wherein I to be just worn down of Zoey. She to be being so unnecessarily bratty. Who on Twitter stated this is low crucial Dre and Bow’s faults for spoiling her so much. Also then, Zoey’s been in college a whole year and also she still has yet to discover from she mistakes.

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Nomi and also Professor Hawson gift a point is no it for me. Ns still can’t acquire over the truth that she’s a entirety professor. Nomi could get this woman fired because that this. That’s following level scandalous.

Aaron was acting real weird about the pair name. It’s nearly as if he’s no trying to be in one actual connection with Ana. Ns don’t obtain this at all considering exactly how last episode he looked prefer he was really right into her. Assumption: v we’ll just uncover out next week.

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How execute you think Zoey will manage being “cut off”?

Do girlfriend think Ana and also Aaron will last?

What perform you think will occur next week?

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