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About the Book

The Strategist's Best Books about Asian American Identity, New York Magazine The pioneering eastern American job organizer and also writer’s vision because that intersectional and anti-racist activism.

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In this powerful, deep humanistic book, grace Lee Boggs, a legendary number in the struggle for justice in America, shrewdly assesses the existing crisis—political, economical, and also environmental—and shows just how to develop the radical social readjust we have to confront brand-new realities. A vibrant, inspirational force, Boggs has actually participated in every one of the twenty century’s major social movements—for civil rights, women’s rights, workers’ rights, and more. She draws native seven years of activist experience, and a rigorous commitment to crucial thinking, to redefine “revolution” for our times. From her residence in Detroit, she reveals just how hope and creativity are overcoming despair and decay in ~ the most devastated urban communities. Her book is a manifesto because that creating alternate modes the work, politics, and human interaction that will collectively constitute the following American Revolution—which is unraveling before our eyes.

The lengthy Rebellion indigenous the late 1960s come the Present

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About the Author

Grace Lee Boggs (1915–2015) was an activist, writer, and also speaker. She has received many human rights and lifetime achievement awards and was commemorated in the nationwide Women’s room of Fame. Boggs authored Revolution and Evolution in the twentieth Century (with James Boggs) and Living for Change: an Autobiography. This was her last book.

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Scott Kurashige is associate Professor at the university of Michigan and also author of The changing Grounds of Race: Black and also Japanese american in the make of Multiethnic Los Angeles.


"The next American change is a moving and also persuasive testimony from among the biggest scholar-activists this country has ever before produced. . . . Even if it is we space activists, scholars, or both, us all have actually a an excellent deal to find out from grace Lee Boggs' exemplary life and work."—Contemporary Sociology“There space lessons below for activists the make this slim volume a handbook for personal, and therefore, society transformation.”—Yes! Magazine"A masterful weaving that history, philosophy, society justice, and activism. The author’s touching political analysis and synthesis administer the impend that gathers otherwise exciting singular fibers to produce a vibrant, revolutionary cloth, one that is purposefully left with space for continued work and also growth. The inspires readers to not just think critically but also challenges them to sign up with others in the work necessary to create more humane, equitable communities."—Foreword Reviews"This is a much-deserved solemn event of an achieved activist, yielding class in civil civil liberties history, distinguishable assessments the today's troubles, and also worthy ideas to structure a much better tomorrow."—Publishers Weekly"A vibrant, inspirational force, Boggs has actually participated in all of the twenty century’s major social movements—for polite rights, women’s rights, workers’ rights, and more. She draws from seven years of activist experience, and a rigorous appointment to critical thinking, come redefine “revolution” for our times. Indigenous her residence in Detroit, she reveals how hope and also creativity space overcoming despair and decay within the most ruined urban communities. Her book is a manifesto because that creating alternative modes the work, politics, and human interaction that will jointly constitute the next American Revolution."—Resilience

"Americans are all set for a fundamental change. No a adjust of who gets to exercise strength over rather or a change in the product abundance available to us, however an advancement of humanity. This is the article that legendary philosopher, activist and community organizer elegant Lee Boggs delivers in her brand-new book."

Nation"Reading elegant Lee Boggs helps you glimpse a United states that is much better and more beautiful 보다 you believed it was. As she analyzes few of the motivating theories and also practices that have emerged from the struggles for equality and freedom in Detroit and also beyond, she also shows us that in this country, a future revolution is not just necessary yet possible."—Michael Hardt, co-author of commonwealth "This groundbreaking publication not just represents the finest of grace Lee Boggs, but the finest of any radical, visionary reasoning in the unified States. She reminds united state why transformation is no only feasible and necessary, but in some places currently in the making. The problems we confront under neoliberalism and also war do, indeed, mark the end of an era in i beg your pardon the old ideological positions of protest room not really appropriate or effective—and this publication offers a new means forward."—Robin D.G. Kelley, writer of freedom Dreams: The black Radical creativity “Grace Boggs has actually long been a significant voice of expect and action for revolution of the united States and also the world. Here is she testimony of hope and program for action. It need to be bring away seriously.”—Immanuel Wallerstein, author of Utopistics: or, Historical choices of the Twenty-first Century "One the the most accomplished radicals of ours time, the Detroit-based visionary grace Lee Boggs has come to be one the our most influential and also inspiring windy intellectuals. The next American transformation is her powerful reflection on a life time of urban revolutionary work, one ode come the courage and brilliance of her late partner James Boggs, and also a plain-spoken call for united state to address the troubled time we challenge with a sense of history, a strong set of values, and also an unwavering faith in our very own creative, restorative powers."—Jeff Chang, author of Can't prevent Won't Stop

Table the Contents

Foreword by Danny Glover Preface to the 2012 EditionAcknowledgments advent by Scott Kurashige 1. These space the times to grow Our Souls 2. Change as a brand-new Beginning 3. Let’s Talk around Malcolm and Martin 4. Detroit, location and room to start Anew 5. A Paradigm transition in Our concept of education 6. We room the leader We’ve Been searching for Notes Afterword: In Conversation v Immanuel WallersteinIndex