Though he received the an abilities necessary to teleport throughout worlds, the king that performed the summoning routine attempted to trick him right into wearing a slavery collar, this annoyed him therefore he carry away the princess and also returned come Earth.

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While traveling between worlds with the skills he received, along with the carry away Princess and his tiny sister, they live happily ever before after?

Action: A work typically depicting fighting, violence, chaos, and also fast paced motion." class="chip orange mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Action
Adventure: Exploring new places, environments or situations. This is often connected with world on long journeys to places much away encountering amazing things." class="chip pink mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Adventure
Comedy: A dramatic job-related that is light and also often humorous or satirical in tone and also that usually includes a happy resolution that the thematic conflict." class="chip blue mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Comedy
Fantasy: Anything that involves, but not minimal to, magic, dream world, and also fairy tales." class="chip pink mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Fantasy
Harem: A collection involving one masculine character and many female characters (usually attracted to the male character). A turning back Harem is as soon as the genders are reversed." class="chip teal mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Harem
Shounen: A job-related intended and also primarily written for males. This works commonly involve fighting and/or violence." class="chip blue mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Shounen
Slice of Life: Novels through no clear main plot. This genre tends to it is in naturalistic and mainly focuses about the main characters and their day-to-day lives. Often there will certainly be some philosophical perspectives regarding love, relationships, life etc. Tied right into the novel. The overall typical moods because that this form of anime room cheery and carefree, in other words, the is your 'feel-good' sort of anime." class="chip cyan mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Slice of Life
Demon Lord: Demons with an excellent power.Generally an developed position or sovereignty over various other demons.Usually in opposition against heroes and humanity in general." class="chip pink mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Demon Lord
Demons: Beings the possess human like appearance, but are of an additional race other than human and usually possess strength higher than a consistent human. Sometimes displayed as an angry or a gyeongju that's an excellent at dark art in fantasy, and others together beast that have actually surpassed a particular level of growing in xiaxia and xuanhuan." class="chip blue mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Demons
Dense Protagonist: This tags is used to explain a protagonist that is 'under-equipped' in terms of emotional intelligence. This usually uses towards romantic relationships, however, it have the right to stretch in the direction of platonic ones as well. The protagonist is frequently oblivious to feelings that space directed in the direction of them and also sometimes doesn't establish them in ~ all." class="chip pink mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Dense Protagonist
Elves: This tag is to be supplied if the Elven gyeongju exist within the story and an Elve is one of two people the protagonist or either one of his companions/friends/Lovers" class="chip blue mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Elves
Game Elements: Protagonist has actually a status screen or something similar to it." class="chip pink mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Game Elements
Gods: This tags is to be supplied when the collection takes location in a people where the visibility of God(s) is confirmed, and also they take component actively in the plot." class="chip pink mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Gods
Heroes: tags is to be used ONLY if the protagonist that the series is a heroe (definition may vary based on novel). If the series has multiple protagonists, only use this tag if gift a heroe is a prominent feature of one of them." class="chip teal mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Heroes
Hiding True Abilities: This sign is to be supplied when the protagonist hides their real abilities/powers. Typically, the is to be provided when they action weak when they room actually yes, really badass. This tag is come be added only if the protagonist walk it because that a significant amount the time." class="chip green mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Hiding True Abilities
Level System: This sign is supplied when the personalities of the novel boost their abilities/skills/power by leveling up." class="chip teal mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Level System
Magic: sign is come be used ONLY if the protagonist of the collection can use Magic (definition may vary based on novel). If the collection has multiple protagonists, only use this sign if having actually Magic is a prominent attribute of among them." class="chip red mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Magic
Male Protagonist: If the protagonist that the series is male, then this sign is to be used. By protagonist, it describes the leading/main character. Not to be offered with: woman Protagonist " class="chip indigo mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Male Protagonist
Modern Day: This tag is provided if the setting of the story is current or near-current Earth. Contrast Futuristic Setting, old Times, old China." class="chip purple mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Modern Day
Overpowered Protagonist: tags is come be supplied ONLY if the protagonist that the collection is Overpowered (definition may vary based upon novel). " class="chip indigo mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Overpowered Protagonist
Spatial Manipulation: where the protagonist has the strength to control space, even if it is to teleport, tear or move things through space. And other space related powers. And also plays a significant part in the story." class="chip purple mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Spatial Manipulation
Summoned Hero: This sign is come be used if the story has a summoned hero, together in a 'hero’ who is summoned from another world. This sign is to be used ONLY if the summoned hero has a major role in the story. Or if the protagonist is one." class="chip teal mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Summoned Hero
Transported into another World: The protagonist the the story start in one world until they are sent to another, frequently through reincarnation or summoning. " class="chip red mb-1 mr-1 white-text">Transported into an additional World
World Travel: offered when the plot of traveling or exploring a country, world, and/or universe plays a major role in the story." class="chip indigo mb-1 mr-1 white-text">World Travel

Freya Delilah Eustace-Diana is a college student of St. Heidi Twirl’s school for Witches. Reigning in ~ the top of the institution hierarchy, she desire to end up being friends through Kaede Miharu, a carry student from the much East. For this reason she decided to steal her pants together the first step in she plan. Don’t misunderstand her!

Freya lives in a institution dormitory far from her busy parents. It’s complicated for she to connect with others due to the fact that she’s afraid of dragging her family’s name in the mud. The painstakingly crafted plan she had to gain close to Kaede Miharu, a transfer student indigenous the Far eastern in a situation comparable to hers, is to steal her panties climate return them to her!

Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, school Life, Shoujo Ai

The Noble Daughter will Steal The Panties of “That Girl” making use of The the strongest Magic

“Everywhere ns go, every road I walk, i will attract it. This is my map”.

By the king’s royal decree, the young and also clever princess, Lena, set out on a grand quest escorted through knights come map the land’s far regions. ~ the massacre of she assigned safety by one unknown group, Lena was aided by the mercenary Dahl.

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While it was questionable whether Dahl to be trying to do his task properly, he still managed to prevent spirits, chased away bandits; he even controlled to master the conniving conspiracy the the royal court if escorting the princess. While the two were in the center of your journey however, other of unimaginable can is meanwhile progressively shaking turn off the chain of slumber in a diverted labyrinth.

An yes, really story that exploration, gift in a classic fantasy!

Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen
Tsukasa Kawaguchi, 川口士

Lena’s human being Map
Ch.0 - Prologue

In less than an instant the people as us knew it to be at its end.

That’s right. The Apocalypse. In a solitary blink zombies appeared and mutated monsters began to rampage every throughout the world. Currently it was the human species turn to fight for survival and planetary dominance!

On the same day the the civilization descends into chaos we accomplish Yue Zhong. Initially only hoping to gain to his friends and also escape come a refugee camp our protagonist to adjust out, inadvertently building a team along the way. After ~ a collection of fortuitous events and also a few serious hunches ours hero decides it’s time come do more than just survive!

Yue Zhong starts to kind the foundations of an substantial survival plan… prior to he suddenly discovers that he has only gotten over the an initial hurdle…. Unbeknownst come Yue Zhong and company, the human being outside of China is greatly a wasteland! nation sized swathes of nuclear radiation and severe shortage of offers in the people after the atom explosions to be quickly ending up being the “norm”. Mutants, advanced animals and what’s worse, intelligent the end of control dinosaurs had quickly appeared and also claimed their own sections that the planet. Over there were several innately an effective Evolved gyeongju which showed up that were more than 10 times more powerful than humans, nearly every one of them possessing bodies impenetrable by common bullets. The fabled orcs’ were another of these evolved races, the leader the which had in reality enslaved countless of the remaining person beings.

Unceremoniously exposed to together a cold and heartless new world, Yue Zhong is faced with a choice: discover a deep dark hole and also hope that goes earlier to “normal”? Or get rid of all obstacles and also struggle in the direction of Evolution!!!

Action, Adventure, Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Sci-fi, Seinen, Tragedy, Xuanhuan
Assets Exploding, Zi Chan Bao Zeng, 资产暴增