Since both are easily accessible right now, have to you gain a Glock Gen 4 or the latest and also greatest Glock Gen 5? Well, the reality is the they"re both variations on the same thing: the Glock pistol. So is the that lot different? Not too much, really.

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What are the differences? We"ll get into the nitty gritty. The distinctions aren"t massive, just as castle aren"t between any kind of of the Glock generations, however there may be sufficient there because that you to decide one is worth more than the other. That lot will be approximately you.


So, to acquire into the differences between Glock Gen 4 vs Glock Gen 5, we have actually to specify it in regards to what set the Gen 5 Glocks apart.

The Glock Gen 5 design features modification internals. The cause group is beefed increase a small bit, with slightly beefier parts. What you"ll notification is the omission that the overcome pin over the trigger.

So, if friend look at the left side of the pistol, there are two pins in the frame over the cause guard. One is clearly the trigger pin, and also the other is a overcome pin. This cross pen acts a locking block pin.

When a pistol recoils, the barrel floats within the slide, however is returned to remainder by the to ride bicycle of the slide. The locking block, part of the create group, acts together a mechanical keeper, avoiding the barrel from travel too much backward. Together the slide returns to battery top top the return stroke (a slide is, after all, a piston that sorts) the barrel is brought earlier with it.

The cause group, consisting of the create itself, the housing, the trigger spring and also the recoil spring, have actually all to be revised together per the wishes of many, numerous shooters that have discovered the traditional Glock trigger to be mushy, gritty and otherwise compellingly mediocre. The Glock Gen 5 cause is said to be vastly improved.

The Gen 5 Glock internals have actually been revised for this reason the locking block pin is no much longer necessary. Beefier structure rails and a brand-new firing pen block style - similar to that on the Glock 42 or 43 - is installed.

Additionally, the Glock Marksman Barrel is standard, conversely, it supplied to it is in an optional update or something you bought ~ buying the basic gun. The Gen 4 also did not attribute ambidextrous slide release levers, i beg your pardon the Glock Gen 5 does have. The Gen 5 also has swappable newspaper releases.

The grip housing is additionally different, v beveled magwells in the Gen 5 Glock. Additionally, comment the prayers that many, the finger grooves have actually been omitted.

The complete has been readjusted from Glock"s Melonite coating come a brand-new Diamond choose Coating or nDLC. DLC is a semi-crystalline coating of graphite, which has most of the nature of diamond. Diamond, because that those unaware, is a crystalline kind of carbon, formed by extreme heat and pressure end time. DLC has wonderful wear resistance, despite it smudges native fingerprints nice easy. That said, before you ask, Mr. Wayne, the does come in black.


So, to show the difference, let"s compare the Glock 19 Gen 4 come the Glock Gen 5 edition of the exact same pistol.

Both pistols have the exact same barrel length, 4.02 inches. Both pistols have the same overall length of 7.28 inches. Both pistols have the same elevation of 5.04 inches. The cause reach - native the behind of the grip housing to the front challenge of the cause - of 2.76 inches, therefore one won"t be any type of harder for human being to operate than the other. Both pistols likewise retain the modular backstrap system, therefore you deserve to customize the fit.

That said, the alters have caused the structure being widened through 0.07 inches therefore the new edition is likewise a tiny fatter. The new slide is additionally a little heavier as a result of the new configuration, resulting the Gen 5 Glock 19 gift a small less than a half-ounce heavier 보다 the Glock 19 Gen 4. The Gen 4 variation weighs in in ~ 21.16 ounces v no magazine; the Gen 5 in ~ 21.52 ounces.

So, the distinction in size? A little more comprehensive and a tiny heavier, yet not so lot that you"re really going to notice.


Which is far better between the Glock Gen 4 vs Glock Gen 5?

Define "better." top top paper, the Gen 5 has actually some renovations that the Gen 4 could be considered to lack.

The Gen 5 is claimed to have a better trigger than the Gen 4. Granted, some world put aftermarket triggers in Glocks together a issue of course, and also no quantity of factory magic is going to make you think it"s a custom-shop 1911 trigger.

The Glock Marksman Barrel is a little thicker, and likewise receives the nDLC coating, yet the biggest adjust to the is in the rifling. The Gen 4 uses polygonal rifling, with broader spiraling grooves inside the barrel. The GMB counts on timeless spiral-cut rifling, which outcomes in tighter clearances inside the barrel and also thus - on file - far better accuracy. Granted, is that going come be the much more accurate at handgun distances? Maybe, perhaps not.

The Gen 5 won"t fit every holsters that carry out fit the Glock Gen 3 and Gen 4 pistols. Well...the ShapeShift does, yet not every made by others do.

Some world absolutely dislike the finger grooves. Some civilization love them. Some civilization don"t care. You...well, you"ll have actually to figure that the end for yourself.

The lack of one more cross pen isn"t going come make any kind of nevermind to anyone; Glock pistols, through reasonable care, last an very long time. The sights are the same. The modular backstrap is the same. You even still need to pull the trigger for takedown. Fundamentally, naught is yes, really different; every the transforms are minor adjustments that do some little bits better.

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Does that mean it"s yes, really so lot better? obtain out, try one and see. Let united state know! We"d love come hear what friend think.