Still trying come fathom the “ground rules” the Alexis’ mother had laid the end to me for her newly regressed 18 year old daughter that ns was now babysitting, ns couldn’t help but gain her newfound humbled posture.

Pictures the the occasions that transpired the night before continued come flash through my mind. Alexis, a girl revered as the hottest, most untouchable girl in our high college was in a pull-up diaper that she easily affirmed she needed.

The humbling occasions that had taken place had actually not only lugged her back down to everyone else’s level, yet much lower. Her adhering to of girls and also guys alike had forever been jealous of the 5’2”, tan, brunette through a perky butt and breast to be still ignorant to the facts the I currently knew very first hand.


I thought about all the other girls at our high college that to be inferior come Alexis. At least they could act like young adults, well, not babies rather. They were the end enjoying their Summer, partying, going come the beach in your skimpy bikini’s. Not surprisingly, they additionally had the undeniable appropriate to wear regular underwear.

Sure, Alexis had to wear diapers for she night time “accidents”, however she too had likewise enjoyed these an easy pleasures much less than 24 hours ago, she had even modeled on number of occasions!


I might tell that Alexis to be battling the prospect of this. In comparison to her peers, Alexis collection in front of me clad in a freshly adjusted diaper v a pacifier in her mouth to optimal it off.

I to be unsure of exactly how she would certainly react once her parental left. Would certainly she instantly go off, i did not agree the reality that i was now her babysitter?

Certainly not, ns confidently told myself. After ~ all, I had actually witnessed she pooping herself. Also more, she dad’s talk with me after that verified she diaper-wearing to be for great reason to keep her sheets dry at night.

While ns wasn’t worried about her attitude, i was furiously thinking of what I must do now provided what had taken place.

This to be usually when I would put her infant brother under for a nap, so i figured the was just fitting the she go the same.

“How around a nap?” I available after the lengthy silence.

Alexis progressively looked up in ~ me, she beautiful brown eyes conference mine v her infantile attire staying unmistakably out of ar for one 18 year old girl.

Her pacifier precluding she from audibly speaking, she worked out for a an easy head nod.

Taking she hand, I began to lead she upstairs to her room; an plot I had previously dreamy of doing because that a much various purpose.

I opened her bedroom door and also was shocked to find her bed to be an infantile styled crib big enough for she 5’2” frame. Together I continued to scan she room out of my former and also now brand-new curiosity, I additionally found a transforming table and also a couple of of she nighttime pull-up diapers.

The items seemed out of place for one 18 year old girl’s bedroom, sorely noticeable among bras and also thongs the lay ~ above the floor, which served as vestiges from her now previous adulthood.

Alexis quit in her tracks, her pacifier falling the end of her mouth as fast as her jaw dropped.

Despite it being circumstantially inappropriate, mine mind wondered ago to every the times i imagined walking approximately her room v her, a dream that i was not alone in pondering. Currently I knew exactly how futile that a dream that as soon as was as I picked up her pacifier.

I almost feel sorry for her. Her blank stare continued to be unwavered as I put the pacifier ago in she mouth. The humiliation she was suffering was unimaginable.

My sympathy led me to considering cut her some slack. Perhaps also earning the possibility of a date after a go back to normalcy.

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“How about we get you the end of those Pampers.” Alexis’ face instantly lit up as if i had offered her the winning lottery ticket.

My thoughts redirected come the night prior to where she uncontrollably messed herself, forcing her mom to adjust her dirty diaper. Not to point out her mother’s stern rules regarding her two P’s, “protection & punishment”.

What if her mother discovered her with an additional stinky ‘accident’ in her in she pants? Her mom would it is in so pissed in ~ me because that caving.

My far better judgement encouraged me otherwise. Rather of undiapering her, I ordered one of she pull-ups off she dresser and also began come walk towards her crib. The hope that was previously expressed ~ above her confront quickly diminished and replaced through a discontented frown.

For a moment, she appeared as though she i will not ~ comply, but in what showed up to be an attempted conservation of her remaining dignity, she quickly moved in the direction of the crib, identified to let herself in fairly than me. Every step she take it releasing an audible crinkle from she diaper.

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Once positioned in her crib, the reality of me performing a duty only ideal for a toddler again shocked me. Ns was about to undress Alexis, the hottest girl in our school, but rather 보다 proceeding with what any type of normal male and also female would do, I would be diapering she instead.

After unsnapping her onesie, I began to tear away the tabs of she diaper. Ns couldn’t aid but admire her beautifully fit tan legs and also overall petite body frame that she so generally worked on in ~ the gym.

As my eyes wondered, the vision of baby powder lightly spanning the area in between her legs brought me earlier to the fact that i was around to put Alexis back in a diaper.

As i finished applying the baby powder, I recorded a glimpse that Alexis deep in thought, aimlessly certification at the ceiling together I began to pull she diaper approximately her thighs, interrupting her thought as I supported her to lift she bottom.

I to be still amazed in ~ how easily she fit into her pull-ups, much less her baby brother’s Pampers. Once her diaper was in place, i paused for a moment to appreciate how her diaper nearly appeared too bulky provided her petite frame.


I held earlier a laugh in ~ the truth that she’d had actually no idea her committed efforts in ~ the gym would lend she the capacity to quickly fit into a toddler’s attire.

As ns snapped the crotch of she onesie, she looked up in ~ me discouraged together she to be again sealed earlier into she diapers the the last 12 hours had actually proved she dependency upon.

“Sleep tight. I’ll come check on friend later” I said as i lifted her crib bars and also began come walk the end of the room.

“Wow” I said quietly to myself together I descended under the stairs. I simply put Alexis in a diaper and left she in a crib to take a mid-morning nap, attempting to frame an unthinkable fact that I currently resided within.

After a pair of hours, I decided I must go wake her up. Prior to going to she room, ns contemplated what we must do next. “I guess: v we might watch TV.” i chuckled, thinking back to my offer the night before to watch TV as civilized young adults.

I grinned once I discovered the cartoon channel, figuring it was befitting to she situation. I got the stuffed playthings her mother had actually left as well as some color books and put lock on the floor for her.

I opened up her door and found her slowly waking, her pacifier still in place. Regardless of the reality that she put in a crib attract a onesie through a diaper hiding beneath, she was still gorgeous. I began to wonder if I might get end her noticeable diaper dependency.

“Want come watch part TV?”

Alexis squinted as she awoke from her slumber. She eyes quickly windened as I reached right into her crib and felt the front of her diaper to view if it to be wet.

Honestly, i didn’t even think around the implications of emotional an area that was previously forbidden. I guess in ~ this point, ns had embraced the fact that i was now her babysitter and checking her diaper was part of my job. Luckily (and somewhat surprisingly), she to be dry.

I could tell she wasn’t amused together she easily glared in ~ me, adding a thinly veiled smile.

I led she to the TV whereby I had left the playthings for her. Before sitting down, i noticed she was gradually gathering she barrings, seeming visibly unsettled and working up the courage come speak.

“You understand this isn’t how I commonly am, ns promise!” Alexis began to plead.

“This is all simply a big misunderstanding! and also really only since my mom is mad in ~ me for drinking.”

Her defensiveness wasn’t a surprise, every se. Yet geez, is she kidding? What suitable defense deserve to you have actually at the period of 18 ~ involuntarily soiling your diaper in prior of others?

I tried no to laugh, “I guess: v I simply misunderstood seeing your mother adjust your dirty diaper critical night also then?”

Alexis to be silent.

“Sit down, ns making lunch.”

Alexis defeatedly obeyed, sit Indian-style top top the floor. She showed up to momentarily concede come my slightly condescending, yet factually correct statement. She regretfully picked up the coloring book and also pencils and also began coloring.

I left Alexis in the living room and also went come the kitchen wherein I began to cook lunch. I remained amused end her metal attempt at convincing me the her current case was an anomaly.

However, i again started to think about how beautiful she was. Also while diapered, she still continued to be gorgeous. I constantly wanted a opportunity with her but her enourmous pride and also beauty had forever prevented the opportunity.

Given the extreme challenge of having both a bulky proud while put on a bulky diaper, it appeared as despite this no longer stood between us.

My mental wondered as I thought around the possibility of Alexis being my girlfriend, absolutely beautiful, yet diapered nonetheless. “I guess us all make compromises, I mean it’s simply underwear…” I assumed as I ongoing to convince myself.

Afer i finished cooking our lunch, I unexpectedly heard an every too acquainted muffled fart in the life room.


“Did she seriously just fart?” I assumed as I questioned what i heard. Sure, the likely culprit had actually been put ago in diapers early out to comparable circumstances in the critical 24 hours. But prior to yesterday, any kind of 18 year old girl farting in the proximity of others was not just socially unacceptable, yet unattractive no issue how warm they were.

As i walked right into the life room with our lunch, the odor instantly confirmed what ns assumed.

Defeatedly on she hands and also knees, Alexis’ diaper sharp up towards the ceiling together she again visibly struggled to protect against herself from messing her diaper because that a second time within 24 hours.


She easily put she hand on the earlier of her diaper, serving together a last ditch effort to stop the inevitable. If yesterday’s events hadn’t proved she belonged in diapers, she knew this certainly would.

I set our lunch down on the coffee table emotion as despite I must do something. I started to walk towards her before hearing an additional involuntary muffled fart.