Wireless Broadband Network

Widely offered in a broad spectrum the environments. Capable of being wirelessly deployed in densely lived in metropolitan locations or vast open landscapes. Relatively an ext economical in comparison to setup up a wired network.

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LTE Cat 12/13 single Mode indoor CPE

Indoor 2Tx/8Rx CPE assistance Outdoor coverage & efficiency for 3.5GHz

Fixed line Broadband

New generation of addressed Line Broadband products. Tailored to fulfill the varied demands of customers and highly competitive finish products.


Connected Home

ViTA smart Voice Controller can communicate and also control every sorts the smart products in an absolute seamless atmosphere backed by the Gemtek complete Coverage Seamless connection System.


LoRa IoT Network

LoRa LPWAN wireless communications modern technology features long distance, high coverage, low strength consumption, and low expense performances. One energy-efficient eco-friendly IoT network deserve to be developed when substantially an unified with high-end sensors and also smart devices.


Outdoor Micro Gateway

A cost effective means to provide full redundancy coverage for the entire organization area.

Joint Design and Manufacturing

Based on over 17 years of suffer in share Design and Manufacturing (JDM), Gemtek offers the most advanced E2E product designs, testing, and customized production solutions based upon different product technologies and complicated system platforms

Gemtek an innovation Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 4906) is a top-notch wireless broadband network firm in Taiwan. Created in 1988, Gemtek modern technology has lengthy been specialized to the breakthrough of wireless technologies and has broadened itself to end up being a civilization leading finish solutions provider. Gemtek employs a brilliant team the experienced research study and breakthrough professionals, and is one of the few manufacturers in Taiwan that offer crucial technologies for wireless area networks and broadband network products.

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Gemtek modern technology Co., Ltd.