We’ve survived “The long Night” and are prepared to face the job inGame the Thrones illustration 804. We’re not sure what’s going to happen, yet we do understand it won’t it is in asgosh-darn dark. Thetraileris proof enough of that:

We likewise have some advancement photos come look at, eight in all. This very first one shows Euron and also Cersei gaining rather cozy:


Or at the very least Euron wants to obtain cozy. Cersei is just smilingsmirking due to the fact that she’s the town hall the gold Company rally below.

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At Winterfell, everyone is attending a funeral pyre for the dead. Team distinct is ~ above one side…


…Team Targaryens on another…


…with Jon in the middle, because symbolism.


Heroes from the fight of Winterfell light the pyres for their deceased comrades.


Now the that’s over, the looks favor Daenerys has collection her sights top top King’s Landing.


Dany is spring heavenward in this next photo.


Could she be looking in ~ Jon top top Rhaegal? exactly how does she feel around that now?


And finally, we have actually a shooting of the Targaryen fleet sailing for Dragonstone or King’s Landing or wherever. Absolutely south.


And now for the essential stuff:

Start Time:May 5, 2019, 9 p.m. ESTTV Info:HBOEpisode:Season 8, illustration 4Writers:David Benioff and Dan WeissDirector:David NutterRun time: 78minutes

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