Fuji sushi in san Jose takes classic sushi recipes and also puts a contemporary spin on lock to include a fresh and unique taste to Japanese cuisine. The setting within the restaurant is comfortable and chic, making the a perfect place to meet up because that intimate dates and friendly get-togethers. Numerous different arrays of sushi, sashimi and nagiri are readily available by Fuji Sushi. That menu is composed of numerous combinations that fish, eel, shrimp, crab and other seafood blended with rice and also vegetable complements. Alongside the episode dishes, Fuji Sushi additionally offers Bento boxes, BBQ dinners with selection meats, udon and also soba noodle dishes, donburi, spring rolls and also curry through rice. Guests have the right to enjoy a classic Japanese sake v the meal.

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Permanently Closed

This restaurant is permanently closed.

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Dining styleCasual Dining


Hours the operationnull

Phone number(408) 298-3854

Dress codeBusiness Casual

NeighborhoodSan Jose


Main Menu



(soybean pods)

Soft covering Crab$8.95Wakame$3.95

(seaweed salad)

Assorted Tsukemono$4.95



(skewered teriyaki chicken)

Chicken Teriyaki Appetizer$5.95Beef Teriyaki Appetizer$6.95

Baked & Deep Fried Roll

Crunch Roll$8.95

salmon, avocado and also cream cheese deep fried

Fried Spicy Salmon Roll$6.95Golden door Roll$8.95

deep fried california role topped v tobiko and also special sauce

Las vegas Roll$12.95

hamachi, salmon, tuna and avocado, and also tobiko, special sauce

Lion King Roll$11.95

crab meat and avocado, salmon, tobiko and itokaki

Max Roll$10.95

california roll topped v scallops, and also spicy sauce tobiko itokaki

Dinner Entrees

(served v Rice, Miso Soup and also Salad)

Beef Teriyaki Dinner$12.95Chicken Teriyaki Dinner$10.95Spicy Chicken Teriyaki Dinner$11.95Salmon Teriyaki Dinner$12.95

atlantic salmon

Saba Shioyaki Dinner$11.95

boiled mackerel

Side Orders

Steamed Rice$1.95Mussel Soup$3.95Miso Soup$1.95Salad$2.50


California Hand Roll$5.95

same ingredients together ca role topped with tobiko

Hamachi Hand Roll$5.95

yellow tail and green onion

Salmon Skin Hand Roll$5.95

grilled salmon skin rolled with vegetables

Spicy Tuna Hand Roll$5.95

spicy seasoned tuna rolled v vegetable

Unagi Hand Roll$5.95

broiled eel and avocado rolled

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