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With how obsessed the human being has been through ‘WAP’ since its release, it’s no surprise that the raunchy song’s lyrics have actually now come to be their own obscure meme.

Despite dropping over a month ago, Cardi B and also Megan Thee Stallion’s smash hit ‘WAP’ is tho firmly inserted at #1 top top the Billboard warm 100. The track sparked a viral tik dance challenge, a slew of remixes and also mash-ups, and also some critiques native a entirety bunch of guys who have to not have opinions top top women and their sexuality.

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Now, human being have started to change the song’s uber sex-related lyrics right into a method to refer the saddest and also most unanticipated “drops” in life and on screen.

my psychological stability be like:

NOW from THE peak MAKE it DROP