Price: It varies by team size: $99 for 2-3 players, $132 for 4 players, $165 for 5 players, $198 for 6 players.

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Monday morning

Room Escape Los Angeles isn’t typically open on Monday mornings; they opened up specifically so that we might visit during our one remaining home window of time in a whirlwind pilgrimage to Los Angeles. The staff were outstanding.


A mad former Soviet agent had actually caused a nuclear launch sequence in this bunker. We had actually to disarm the nukes.

The “escape games” at Room Escape Los Angeles aren’t actually escapes; the doors to the games were never locked. In this game, we completed a specific mission.

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Cold War Bunker wtoo themed on the Cold War. The game was outfitted through the proper props, many type of of which were also puzzles.

Both the story and also props were tongue-in-cheek; this game didn’t take itself too seriously. The fun was derived in part from the levity via which the game approached a severe theme.

Tright here was one particular mechanism for progressing the game that was brilliantly engineered, Cold War-esque, and also extremely fun.


The meat of the game relied on brilliantly executed innovation that was far ahead of its time and also has remained peak notch. While not the newest or the a lot of magical, it revealed itself as the game evolved and also synced well via the game.

Video Game mechanics

Cold War Bunker required extensive browsing in and also around the various puzzles.

This game additionally included many kind of individually locked elements that opened up as the game advanced. It relied too heavily on multiple instances of the exact same lock version, which demanded many trial and also error input.

We delighted in the array of puzzle forms that permitted each team member to play to their very own toughness.

One stumble

One easy puzzle felt chintzy. I wasn’t also encouraged it was a puzzle, except that tright here really wasn’t anything else that can have moved us forward at that allude.

This game facet was not on par via the rest of this very poliburned endure.

Should I play Room Escape Los Angeles’ Cold War Bunker?

We brought a team of mixed endure levels to play the Bunker. Everyone had actually fun. Each of us discovered game elements that spoke to us, frustrated us, and wowed us. In that means, the Cold War Bunker completed success.

The Bunker was a hand-operated game. Be prepared to dig with the set and also communicate with the different items in various means.

Newer players will likely discover many kind of of the technologically propelled game facets quite challenging. Experienced players shouldn’t have a hard time tackling this room. Everyone will certainly be smiling throughout. It was a fun play.

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Book your hour with Room Escape Los Angeles’ Cold War Bunker, and tell them that the Room Escape Artist sent out you.