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The Cipher Manuscript mystery & the resource of the gold Dawn

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You might view original golden Dawn Cipher Manuscript folios by click above.

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The gold Dawn Cipher Manuscript is a repertoire of 60 folios that room the original source upon i beg your pardon the rituals and also the understanding lectures the the Hermetic bespeak of the gold Dawn were originally based. They contain a series of wonder initiation rituals matching to the spiritual facets of Earth, Air, Water and also Fire and a syllabus because that a course of instruction in Qabalah and also Hermetic magic, consisting of Astrology, Tarot, Geomancy and Alchemy.

In 1887, William wynn Wescott apparently purchased the Cipher Manuscript native a bookstall top top Farringdon road in London. The manuscript folios to be coded based on Trithemius" Stenographia. in between the pages of the manuscript Wescott reportedly found a paper of file with the surname and deal with of a details Fraulein Sprengel, claimed RosicrucianAdept living in Germany.

Westcott supposedly deciphered the manuscript and also the taking place rituals were created by S.L. MacGregor Mathers. Westcott thereupon purportedly coincided with Sprengel, that allegedly authorized that to uncovered an English branch the the German occult society Zur Goldene Morgonröthe. Westcott, Mathers, and W. R. Woodman thereupon established the Isis-Urania temple number 3 of the Hermetic order of the golden Dawn in 1888.

So runs the main story of the "founding" that the Hermetic bespeak of the gold Dawn. The truth, however, is rather different. In reality, win Wescott derived the Cipher Manuscripts indigenous the widow that the renowned Rosicrucian and Freemasonic researcher, Kenneth Mackenzie adhering to the latter"s fatality in 1886. Wescott climate deliberately attempted come obscure this true resource with the Fraulein Sprengel story. Why would William wynn Wescott lie around the true origins of together important papers as the Cipher Manuscripts, together S. L. MacGregor Mathers later on alleged?

To solve this an enig one must bear in mind that William wynn Wescott to be not simply a chief of the golden Dawn, but beginning in 1890 additionally became the can be fried Magus of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (SRIA). In his “History of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia,” Wescott writes not only of:

“Kenneth MacKenzie’s Rosicrucian initiation in Austria while living with Count Apponyi together an English tutor,” but likewise writes that “MacKenzie had remained in communication with German Adepts who asserted a descent from previous generations the Rosicrucians that had admitted him to some qualities of your system and also had permitted him to effort the structure of a team of Rosicrucian student in England, who under the Rosicrucian surname of the information that might form a partially esoteric society.”

It is clear that Wescott was conscious not just of Kenneth MacKenzie’s Rosicrucian initiation and also lineage, but likewise that much of the Anna Sprengel story actually is taken native MacKenzie"s biography.

Wescott"s SRIA had actually been founded in 1866 by Robert Wentworth little but had actually no legitimate Rosicrucian lineage. Under Wescott’s tenure as can be fried Magus, the SRIA began to circulate a story the Kenneth MacKenzie had actually interacted his Rosicrucian family tree to tiny for the SRIA. MacKenzie to be fraudulently detailed as a previous Magus the the SRIA top top a leaflet stating the aims of the culture in 1892. Under Wescott"s leadership, the SRIA went even further to insurance claim Kenneth MacKenzie’s Rosicrucian lineage for the SRIA by posthumously framing MacKenzie together a founder of the society. The original society register to be eventually additionally fraudulently altered. Wherein MacKenzie"s name originally stood together number 114, it was changed to number 0.

Wescott knew complete well that Kenneth MacKenzie had actually been given teaching materials and also a Rosicrucian family tree with i m sorry to form a branch the a continent Rosicrucian stimulate in England. This order was no the SRIA, however, however rather the golden Dawn. Wescott obscured this facts behind the story that Fraulein Sprengel. There have the right to be no various other logical conclusion except that William win Wescott intentionally attempted come steal the gold Dawn"s Rosicrucian family tree through Kenneth MacKenzie for the SRIA, which to be Wescott"s very first love. This act of corrupt by W. Win Wescott ultimately caused an excellent harm to both organizations and also permanently damaged his own reputation as result of MacGregor Mathers" later allegations that Wescotts" having actually forged the Sprengel letters.

Let us, in light of these facts, reexamine the beginnings of the gold Dawn and the Cipher Manuscripts. As a young man, Kenneth MacKenzie to be living in Austria through his family, wherein in approximately 1850 he was initiated together a Rosicrucian by Hungarian count Aponyi. MacKenzie to be given certain teaching materials and lineages and charged with producing a branch of the bespeak in England. At the time of MacKenzie"s initiation, both the German Gold und Rosenkruetz Order and also the Order of the Asiatic Brethren were active in Austria. Moreover one that the typical names for the Asiatic Brethren were the Fratres Lucis.

Upon his return to England, Kenneth MacKenzie actually did discovered an esoteric society, also named the Fratres Lucis or Brethren that the overcome of Light. MacKenzie’s own temple to be number one, adhered to by Hermanoubis holy place number 2 in Bristol under major F.G. Irwin. Therefore Isis-Urania became temple number three as soon as it was established by Wescott, Woodman, and also Mathers in 1888 and also the name of the bespeak was adjusted to the gold Dawn.

Kenneth MacKenzie to be an skilled cryptographer. It is almost specific that it to be MacKenzie who committed the Cipher Manuscripts come Trithemius’ cipher to defend their content from prying eyes. Such files were consistently coded in this way by modern-day Rosicrucians. The is noteworthy, however, that numerous of the folio’s decrypt not right into English, yet rather into French and also Latin. This is vital indication of a continent European beginning of the esoteric material had in the Cipher Manuscripts.

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Regarding Kenneth MacKenzie’s mysterious Rosicrucian teachers in continent Europe, MacKenzie provides cryptic recommendation to an elusive "Hermetic order of Egypt.” In his imperial Masonic Cyclopedia, MacKenzie to add that

“to these Hermetic brothers of Egypt appertains the Philosopher’s stone and the elixir of life, the art of invisibility, and the power of communication with the ultramundane life.”

These Hermetic and also Rosicrucian alchemical Adepts bear good resemblance to the Secret Chiefs as defined by S.L. MacGregor Mathers with whom Mathers met in Paris start in 1891, as does MacKenzie’s further description of these elusive Hermetic and Rosicrucian alchemists:

“they are males of center competence, blameless lives, austere manners, and virtually ascetic in your habits…”.

In relenten their an approach of teaching, MacKenzie says that :

“they cheerfully answer questions, but appeared not come court enquiries.”

And finally, the way that MacKenzie explains the penchant because that secrecy of these Secret Chiefs is many interesting:

"they courted no publicity,” and that “They never ever remained long in one country, but passed far without creating notice, or wishing for undue respect come be payment to them.”