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\"Fire on the Mountain\" is a tune written by George McCorkle of The Marshall Tucker Band. The track was originally recorded through the band on their 1975 album, Searchin\" for a Rainbow, and also released together the album\"s an initial single. That peaked at number 38 on the Billboard warm 100.. \"Fire top top the Mountain\" was composed by George McCorkle in the hopes that his friend Charlie Daniels would document it on the album of the same name. As soon as Daniels determined not to usage it, McCorkle videotaped it with his band, The Marshall Tucker Band. It became the band\"s first Top 40 hit solitary and is among the most popular Southern absent tunes. The song\"s digitalrecordersreview.org are collection during the California gold rush. \"Fire top top the Mountain\" details exactly how a household that sets the end from their residence in north Carolina looking to make part money panning gold. In the end, the singer end up gaining shot and killed, and also his widow is left behind with a unsecured claim. Toy Caldwell theatre steel etc in the song, however it is out of tune since he didn\"t know exactly how to track it properly. Follow to the paper music released at Musicnotes.com by Sony/ATV Music Publishing, the song is written in the key of G major with the vocal variety spanning native D4 come G5.more »

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Took mine fam\"ly far from our Carolina homeHad dreams about the west and started to roamSix lengthy months on a dust covered trailThey speak heaven\"s at the endBut so far it\"s been hellAnd there\"s fire on the mountainLightening in the airGold in lock hills and it\"s waiting for me thereWe were digging and shifting from five to fiveSelling ev\"rything we discovered just to remain aliveGold flowed free like the whiskey in the barsSinning was the big thin LordAnd satan was the starAnd there\"s fire on the mountainLightening in the airGold in castle hills and also it\"s wait for me thereDance hall girls to be the night treatEmpty cartridges and also blood inside wall the gutters the the streetMen were shot down for the services of funOr simply to hear the noise of their 44 gunsAnd there\"s fire on the mountainLightening in the airGold in castle hills and also it\"s wait for me thereNow my widow, she weeps by mine graveTears flow free for her man she couldn\"t saveShot down in cold blood through a pistol that carried fameAll because that a useless and no good worthless claimAnd there\"s fire ~ above the mountainLightening in the airGold in lock hills and also it\"s waiting for me there

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The Marshall Tucker band The Marshall Tucker band is one American southern rock/country absent band initially from Spartanburg, south Carolina. The band\"s mix of rock, rhythm and blues, jazz, country, and also gospel helped develop the southern rock genre in the at an early stage 1970s.

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When the band had reached the height of its commercial success by the end of the decade, the band has actually recorded and also performed continuously under various lineups for practically 40 years. Much more »